Anybody have an interesting motor as a daily driver?


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Must be your daily transport. No DB6's kept in the garage and brought out on high days and holidays. Not necessarily exotica, just not the usual eurobox.
This is my daily driver


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I used to have a 1967 Fiat 500 as my daily driver when I lived in London.

Honestly I was fending off the bitches with a shitty stick in that car.

And I’ve just bought another one.

Mine's just like that, except the high roof, odd coloured mirror housings, offside rear corner damage. Can you get it into reverse? I'm struggling.

Mind you, what should I expect? It's only got 27k miles on it and we are main dealers.

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<---- See name C4 Coupe - MY90


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Fiat Uno automatic. Desert sand, beige and tweed upholstery. Brilliant, hoofed up and down motorways, twisty country roads and waved through everywhere unnoticed.

Mazda Eunos - 1990. Comfortable with air con and electric windows but so low compared to modern cars,


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So, you drive around, daily, in a nondescript, windowless van...
It's been remapped and goes very well. Also its usable space and carrying capacity is frankly amazing. It was actually bought to transport my German Shepherd dog who is sadly now deceased. Instead of selling the van then, I got rid of my Audi A6 ;)


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1997 v70R phase 1 in saffron. Mapped to 300 geegees and goes like the clappers. Love it


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Very nice. Showoff...

Now if it were fitted with a Perkins diesel it would be much more interesting....
It's now gone, but it was a daily driver for a few years.

"New" DD is a 2012 Defender 110......much more useful where I live most of the time.
Pah! you lot with your everyday cars

family three houses down or street has five everyday cars ... his is a Porshe, wifes is a new Audi , both the kids have new lupos, and the DOG goes to the park in his own Kangoo van every morning and afternoon (driven by Mum of course)


See it and weep mofos.



Is that what you go round collecting cash of your whores in ?
It was my covert car. I have a far more ostentatious one when collecting my dues from the brass

This German whore house jukebox used to be my daily driver.
( I still have it as my middle daughter has expressed a desire to pass her test in it and it become her DD. Eek!!!
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