Anybody had any trouble for posting on ARRSE

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sidewayspeak, Sep 15, 2008.

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  1. Has anybody been investigated/charged with posting on ARRSE, or any of the other military rumour sites?

    The DIN 03-006 released last year made posting on the net illegal, but I've not heard about anybody encountering any 'gagging' yet?

    Wast a storm in a tea-cup, or is it just too hard for coppers to find who is posting stuff?
  2. 4th Post? In depth question like this on a sensitive matter?

    Fuck off you trawling journo scumbag. If you want to report on the Army, then embed with the lads and do some real reporting, not trying to score cheap points with cheap stories.

    Sorry all, just a bit threaders after reading about the "Catterick Sting" in this mornings paper.
  3. Which paper Praet
  4. His first 3 posts were the same. Persistent.

    EDIT for heitheba's benefit ..... this seems to be the third thread he's started on this ..... and he's made another similar post on and existing thread. He seems to be persistent.
  6. Honestly mate, I can't remember. But apparently a journo enlisted into the Inf, and did a hidden camera expose' on the CIC. Suprise suprise, they found some "instructor bullying".

    I'd send the little cunt to Colly, he must be about somewhere.
  7. Shite.

    Getting into trouble for posting on ARRSE?

    The very idea. Not me guv.

    Edited - it was Saturday's Mail, not Sunday's.

  8. linky link

  9. Linky

    Just did when I did a little edit, but because I know you are a thicky, I've put it again.
  10. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    I've been in the sh1t with Mrs B-S for spending too much time on ARRSE.

    And for donating our wealth to someone in an S-10.

    Do either of those count?

    Me, I'm a civvy now, so borrocks to them all - and the distorting semi-literate Meeja, and Broon and Half-Brown[e], and Yerp.

    That black van parked just up the road with the TV antenna is a figment of my imagination :wink:
  11. cheers babe xxxxxxxx
  12. Is the above really the posting of a journalist? Maybe, an expose of falling literacy standards, might be a better place to start.
  13. I don't think a squaddie would used "coppers" in this context. monkeys or CofC perhaps but not coppers. Something not quite right.
  14. and let's face it, most soldiers would know that when posting, that their IP address would be logged on the host's servers, for audit at a later date.

    So, I wonder if a) this was posted from home or the office and b) which media organisations share a similar IP address?
  15. When faced with a tricky question that could possibly lead to you, or a best buddy, being in the poo; the first rule of survival is; Deny, Deny, Deny. And then when you are all 'Denied out', Deny the fecker again.

    However, if that plan fails, swiftly move onto 'Damage Limitation' by closing your eyes, putting your thumbs in your ears, waving your hands and shouting, 'LAR - LAR - LAR - I'M NOT LISTENING' over and over again.

    In the end they'll get bored and go and pick on some other poor fecker.