Anybody got in with a drugs caution

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Teddy bear, Jun 30, 2011.

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  1. I have a caution for possession of cocaine. It was a very small amount and the whole thing was due to being very drunk and stupid. I think its going to be something I will regret for the rest of my life.

    I would like to know if anyone out there knows anybody that has got in with a caution for possession or similar.

  2. The best you can do is be open and honest about it and see what happens. If you lie and don't tell them the truth will come out eventually and then because you've lied throughout your application they'll probably give you the boot.

    I don't work in a recruiting office but I think that as long as you're not taking drugs now and you understand the Army's policy on drugs (zero tolerance) then you should be fine. You may be limited to jobs, seeing as you have a criminal record though. I know that you can't join RMP if you have a criminal record.

    I'm sure someone who has better knowledge than I shall clear this one up for you, more than likely The_IRON :)
  3. One of the Leading Naval Airmen I served with, claimed he had been kicked out of the army for doing drugs before he turned 18. He applied for the navy when he turned 20 and they let him in.
    Guess we'll take anyone these days!
  4. I was given a caution by the OB when I was 16 or 17 for possession of Cannabis. I joined the Army at 17.5 years old without any issues. I did however come clean when asked about any offences.
  5. Just be honest about it, it will not prevent you applying to join as long as you steer clear of drugs from now. The only time you wouldn't be permitted if you were a habitual user, convicted of a drug offence (which would then require 203 action to RG, or still taking drugs. You have to understand theres ZERO TOLERANCE to drugs and about Compulsary Drug testing CDT in the Army...basically once serving the team can turn up any where, any time to your place of work and overseas on Ops, Everyone in the unit will be checked (even those in that place who are just visiting) and you give a urine sample...if found to be taking drugs disciplinary action will be taken and you could be sent to military/civilian prison and booted from the Army.

    For you the best thing is be honest with the recruiter, explain the circumstances and say you understand the Policy and you will be fine.........if there was any Rehabiliation Period if had been convicted it could stop you going certain jobs...but if only a caution it is fine......Remember though if you do pass selection and get offered a job this would come out on your Disclosure scotland criminal Records check so HONESTY is best policy.
  6. Thanks guys for the response, please keep them coming.
    The Iron could you tell me what 203 action to RG is please ? I believe that accepting a caution is admission of guilt so is classed as a conviction albeit spent.

  7. B203 is a form that has to be completed and sent to Recruiting Group (RG) for them to consider any unspent convictions (as per the Rehab of offenders act) and give permission (or not) to apply for the Army