Anybody got a view about...

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Suddick, Nov 20, 2009.

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  1. ...these punters. Are they safe to deal with or shysters?

  2. shysters, avoid, like the plague, better still, locate and destroy
  3. But...but...but they sell genuine issues SAS/RM/SBS/PARA watches!!!
  4. I bought my 5.11 daysack from them and they were fine.

  5. Classic.
  6. We'll kill him last,
  7. I think they're shite...
    They've let me down twice and I have now changed to using Intelligent Armour who are good if not better on price and don't bullshit!!!
  8. Ok - Thanks. Any idea of a reliable stockist for Traser H3 watches?
  9. I've used NightGear a few times and I wouldn't use them again. It's been obvious to me they hold no stock and whatever you order is dropshipped to you direct from the supplier. This causes logistics and communications issues IMHO.

    I got my Traser from this guy, bloody great service and Army friendly.
  10. could not have said it better myself... Nightgear hold fcuk all stock and have inflated prices. Intelligent Armour gets my vote too.

    Linky: Intelligent Armour