anybody got a contact??

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by whitemouse75, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. who could find out where i'll be getting posted in aug/sept at the end of my course?? it'd be good to know so i could start contacting schools to get the kids in, instead of doing it during the last week of the summer holidays!!
  2. Dep OC (N) should be able to ring MCM Div for you, theyll know already whos going where.
  3. sadly that would require them to acknowledge you exist, and that doesnt happen much at UCE!
  4. RCMO?
  5. we dont have one mate. i asked today, but just got told that no-one knows anything. i'd be very surprised if glasgow hadnt managed to allocate the massive number of approx 30 NQ nurses by now though!

  6. Your about to be surprised!!

    Quote" Massive number of approx 30 NQ nursesQuote"

    Shouldnt that just be 30 Massive Nurses? :p
  7. Relax! You've got until the 04/09/06 before u go anywhere! As it is you get kicked out of offices!Lol! Do u think anyone here will be able to give u case/course specific info!? Doubt it! Sympathise with u but u not gonna get sh.. out anyone!
  8. there's so many more than 30 mate, that's just the amount i'm forced to look at! still, at least i'll look smart on the course photo, being one of few that can fit all of my body into my no. 2's

  9. cohort leader? is that you???
  10. Nope! Im taller and have a full head of hair! Then again who isn't taller!! Lol!! U think people will see you in our photo - doubt it! Do u know what an eclipse is? Get it?

    Off to the Gym!! See you later!
  11. are you saying she's bald??

    i know what an eclipse is, i'm trying to think of fat people who go to the gym though, i'm struggling....
  12. Whoops I meant the Ex REME chap! Have you read Roald Dahls - Witches!

    You are such a stressmouse!