Anybody from 258 Sig Sqn?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by skiffington28, Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone give me any information about 258 sig sqn, based in Bramcote. Ie. role that they provide, local area information and how busy they are?

    Thanks :lol:
  2. Ooh i think my old troop Staffy is there as OC sqn, he's the fittest bugger to ever have done selection, hope you like running...every day.
  3. They are out on Range/Battle camp at the moment (getting absoultley ragged :D :D ) and are deploying next year.

    For a bit more info see HERE
  4. There are only a few of them on the ranges the ones the ones that are deploying not the entire Sqn is deploying!

  5. Bramcote is not a bad camp, nice location but you will need a car or access to one as its a few miles out of town, lots of scope for running in the local area (as im sure the gym queens will be giving you first hand experience of all the routes!!)
    as has been prepared for lots of phys there, but its all good :) and the deployments are 2nd to none (they didnt used to be called the globe trotters for nothing!!!)
    as for role these days im not 100% sure but you should be able to find out with a few well placed phone calls

    have fun there and enjoy it for everything it has to offer
  6. So long as you enjoy the Windbreaks... It's been a long time since 30 Sigs have really been Globetrotters, although some gucci little deployments occasionally come up.

    258 are completely seperate though. Rumours of them joining 18 after the next Herrick tour (when 52x is disbanded) or of the Sqn getting closed down (which seems unlikely).
  7. 258 will re-role after they have supported the next deployment but that is still to be ratified.
  8. Eh? The place is as flat as a pancake. The only gym routes you do with the PTIs are around camp or around the windbreaks - mind numbing. If you go out of camp there are no paths, only fast country roads with overgrown bushes. You can take a chance and go to the canal, but again you need to negotiate the psycho traffic on the humpback bridge. The running is OK-ish, but it's bloody dangerous. Inside the camp you have the windbreaks - a nasty, pot-holed, ankle-unfriendly, running route around what used to be an old airfield during WW2. The trim trail is a disgrace and has been condemned. You can run through the woods as long as you don't mind losing an eye. All in all, one of the worst places I have been to for decent PT, but it was still a great unit.
  9. That must be a wah.....he is an ex YofS who commissioned and went DE!

  10. Was he an ED first? J** L****?
  11. Not that I know of
  12. Nah, different bloke and considerably taller.
  13. No he was too thick to be YoFs or anything technical, A* Bal***n, i thought he was there, certainly Bramcote?!?
  14. Ok, cheers PD et all.
  15. The person you mention is certainly not the OC of 258 think more Support Sqn. 258 are at present an independent Bde Sig Sqn and just share the camp with 30 Sigs. The OC of 258 was my next door neighbour at 30 Sigs 10 years ago when he was the YofS of 258.