Anybody from 21 Sigs Regt?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by newtoarmy, Aug 23, 2009.

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  1. Just wondered if anybody on here is from 21 Regt, & is willing to tell me a bit about the Regt as the Army careers website has virtually nothing!

    Hoping to join in October & wondered if there are any things I need to be aware of with regards to fitness/families e.t.c, as by the sounds of it 21 are a Q.R.F Regt unless I got this wrong?

    Thanks for any help.

  2. Fair enough mate, but my initial post says that I have been out for ten years, not that I have served ten years!
    Perhaps I did not make this completely clear, my apologies.

    The reason that I am looking for any scrap of information that I can is that as I previously said, the Army's own source of information for new guys is sorely lacking in some areas, therefore I am finding it increasingly difficult to find a reputable source regarding the various Regt's/their roles/the likelyhood of deployment e.t.c.

    With reference to your comments ......
    Something doesn't seem quite right mate and that's probably why you're not getting all the info you ask for - people are pretty suss on here. You might also want to think about not starting new threads for each different question - just bolt them onto your initial thread.

    I have done it this way because I have never been on a forum style site before & do not really know how it works or how to pose questions to the right people.

    Thanks for your comments, the search continues....
  3. That is exellent, thankyou for taking the time out!
  4. OPSEC ............................ is and always will be not a dirty word .............
  5. roadster my bold for speaking out loud ................ i forget this info is on public domain now ........... please accept my apology

  6. I loved 21 at Wilders.

    What a p1ss up.
  7. something about 21 sigs and urine ups i feel ...................

    must be the being on permanent standby for anywhere and everywhere that did it ............ downtime was downtime .................

    and another thing why is this kidda asking about 21 sigs in particular ............. having just left blandford as a training screw ............. civvy now :D .................... i know that they dont get a choice were they are going to be posted unless of course hes a super fit sportsman and gets posted there for sport ...............
  8. sport at 21? must of changed in the two month i've been away! keep dreaming if its football you like then you can kick a ball about with a social group that doesn't like outsiders......................... work wise its not to bad same as anywhere really its what you make it :)
  9. Wilders was great for p1ss ups :D

    when were you there guru?
  10. Early 82-late 83 when 2 Sqn moved to The Traz.
  11. Bit before my time then. Was there 86 till 92 when the place shut down :(
  12. Was at 21 from Dec 75 to Jan 82, great time, last 3 years on the harrier force at Wildenrath. Those were great days, its just a shame what has happened to the camp now.
    If your looking for other people that were there around the same time as you, I found it good to join the Royal Signals Association.
  13. Hey Guru, I was at 21 at the same time and went up to Scarborough Barracks with 2 sqn

    Am I allowed to post my name on here?
  14. I got posted to 21 in Wildenrath str8 from Basic, could run a bit. (Came in handy a few times that!) As Op Granby kicked off, as i was still NID my Squadron shipped off without me. Then got posted out there anyway with the second wave.

    Was part of the move to Azimghur when Wilders shut down. Anyone remember the local cab firm Taxi Klein? ;)