Anybody from 1 Rifles

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by sjm88, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. After Christmas leave i've got 7 weeks of training left at ITC before I go to battallion; does anyone from 1 Rifles (or anyone really) know of any upcoming tours?
  2. i hope my company will get picked for this... :D
  3. sjm88 are you going straight in to 1 RIFLES? I heard there was like a huge wait or something for New Entrys.. ?
  4. so we heard on the grapevine was everyone passing out between december and feb were going to 1 RIFLES cause they're going operational soon? might be wrong but we don't get told much.
  5. One more thing, you do actually get to choose which RIFLE btn you go in to don't you? or I am I being fed **** by my AFCO?
  6. I was chatting to an RM Major a few weeks ago and he mentioned the problem of NIGs going straight from basic to AACC. The RM take a long time to groom their recruits before they attempt the course but the army NIGs think they are God's gift after passing out and arrive at CTCRM with the wrong attitude. The RM prefer army candidates who have a few years under their belts before attempting AACC as it increases the pass rate which despite inter service rivalry is in the RM's best interests.
  7. i can see what he means as we really dont do as much fitness as i expected...20 weeks on and im not much fitter than when i started. SmithsRail - you do get to put a preference in and 9/10 times the regimental shepherd will put you there, but if there is operational requirement elsewhere then its give and take. Or so it seems in the Rifles platoon in my coy at ITC.