anybody from 1 Hldrs & Orkney ACF

Just looking to see if there are any AI’s from 1 Hldrs & Orkney ACF? I have been asked to work as a driver during your summer camp and have been told I need to take a suit with me, is this a must? If there is anybody from this unit pm me or post a msg.
FaceLikeAPingPongBall said:
Pick up the phone and speak to their CEO, (like a TA PSAO), then you'll have it from the horses mouth, not the horses ARRSE...
Always nice to have helpfull comments from helpfull people, thanxs for that, now why didn't I think of that


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I assume that you have been asked to take a suit because as an adult you will be living in the WOs & Sgts Mess therefore will need a suit for any formal dinner nights or other Mess function.
You will need a suit for the dinner night and possible guest night, other nights will be dress trousers and casual tops.

No football colours, No jeans, No trainers unless you are still working.

See you at camp :) .

CSM Ross Coy

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