Anybody else re-enilisted ??

Discussion in 'RAC' started by The_Incredible_Hulk, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. Jesus christ, how long does it take !!! Went down the careers place back in August and am still waiting for MCM to make their move :evil:

    Its quicker to walk in to a ACIO as a civvy, they just chuck some 95's at you and thats about it.

    Anybody else been through the re-enlistment process ??
  2. Mate went back on Sunday. He's been out nearly a Year, would have been quicker but they lost some papers along the way.
  3. I've just got back in after re-enlisting in June mate, it takes ages. Then when you are back in, it takes months to sort out your pay and get you back on the system.
  4. Just had a phonecall from the local ACIO and I start back on 3rd December, just in time for Christmas Leave :D

    Just going straight to unit and then whenever on the CR2 course, better do something quick about my 1 1/2 time and general fitness level !!!