Anybody else find it hard to talk to most civvies?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Thermal_Warrior, Sep 1, 2006.

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  1. It may seem a strange thing to ask, but do you find it difficult to talk to/interact with most civvies?

    I've been out the Army since 2000, and still find it hard, to hold a conversation with many of them. There seems a great number who......

    Don't 'get' our humour.
    Don't understand our confident outlook on life.
    Feel nervous in our presence.
    Find it cool to condemn 'our boys overseas' without the fainest knowledge of what 'really' goes on etc.
    Bore you to tears with their conversations.
    P1ss you off, with their lack of motivation, drive, character and any sense of personal admin'.

    Rant over..... But am I alone on this?
  2. Nope - and I've been out since 1986. I still prefer the company of squaddies to civvies.
  4. I dived into a bottle for 2 years........
  5. Well..I'm posting on here, so perhaps not??
  6. I don't find it hard to talk to civvies, although I have the advantage of only being a part-timer. I can see how a Regular would have problems "turning it off" after such a long, un-broken stint in. For example:

    While I was on Telic, the lads often took the p1ss for (among other things) the fact that I talked like 'a civvy'.

    When I got back; my mates, family and even those in my unit said I talked like a squaddy and sounded completely different.

    Talk about cannot win :D
  7. I find it difficult to talk to foreign civvies.... perhaps I should learn a language or two?
  8. :clap: So true
  9. Just go into ARRSE chat 90 % of then are civvies , even though they
    talk like seasoned Telic vets .
  10. "Army, halt or I fire!" normally does the trick...
  11. No, you're not alone at all. I think most squaddies have a smaller or larger problem with the necessary adjustment. Just don't let them affect you own standards.

    I had the advantage that I spent many years in foreign countries before I returned to an English-speaking environment, so it wasn't so bad for me.

    However, my Italian wife uses "squaddie-speak" habitually and sometimes doesn't recognise it as such. She teaches Italian at a local night-school a couple of times a week and I remember one time when I sat in on her lesson and she found a book on a desk that didn't seem to belong to anybody. Her offhand question of: "We seema to 'ave a buckashee book 'ere. Issa anyone diffy one?" met with bemused and confused looks from all the participants, while I was holding my aching gut muscles.

  12. Brilliant!! :D
  13. no i cant stand civies. that includes friends and family. a few weeks leave and i want to go back to work just so i can have a decent conversation.....dilemas and clown porn and stuff like that
  14. I underatand what you say about them but I have absolutely no problem in connecting with civvies. (Except my wife). And I've worked with the RAF at length, they're more civvy than civvies! I've been groomed...
  15. I'm with you on this Enigma.
    I've been out of the Army since Feb (feels like the worse mistake ever), I hate all Civvies and still can not see their purpose in life.
    When you work with them they have no purpose.
    When you talk to them they have no purpose.
    And when you drink with them they have no purpose.
    They are slow, lazy and have no drive.
    They constantly make small talk chit chat about **** all, and think you strange when you give them yes and no answers!
    Guess what civvy that was all that was required now **** off!
    The only purpose they have is to pay taxes to maintain the high standards of our Armed Forces.
    And every so often they produce children that can be fed through the sasauge factory to become those Armed Forces.
    They piss me off so much I'm almost convinced about joining back up (if it were not for the pay thing).
    Not to sure about the clown porn though I'm more a goat porn nman myself!!