Anybody been to QRH LAD in Sennelager?

Discussion in 'REME' started by PADDYPERV, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. Im posted to QRH LAD in Aug this year(07) just wondering if anyone has any info on the Regt and LAD. Anything would be appreciated, I'm gonna be living in the Sgts mess, so anything from accomodation to info on tours would be great, Cheers all. :headbang:
  2. Was there about 7 years ago, my first unit if you have done any time with Cav before they are about the same as anyone else just depends on the usual OC ASM etc etc.
    As far as i know the SNCOs accom is the same as the lads all single rooms but quite small the AQMS was a single bloke when I was there and he used to live in the first block on the right when you come through the gate so hope you havent got to much kit.
    Worked a little with them on Telic just gone 2 and all the lads seemed happy enough and I think next tour due next year some time........
  3. Do i take it theres a post in Cyprus going then?
  4. I think they got new singlie blocks about two years ago, but dotn know if they got a new mess aswell. Yeah, its going in Aug this year, but Cyprus is crap you wouldnt like it! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cyprus is fab, but very busy, everyone thinks it a sunshine tour, its defenatily sunny but we've been to Iraq 3 times Afgan twice and Jordon. But as i always say, I didnt join up to stay at home! :headbang:
  5. The best scraming alcoholic tech on the planet was graced by his presence there before the Engrs got him.

    Great bloke....wouldn't have him within 1000 miles of my fitter section though!!!

    His name was a word association of North American Indian Accommodation.
  6. Usteepee?!!!
  7. not the engineers at ripon by any chance
  8. No he went to 35
  9. well sorry to tell you but the pish head tech that your on about is finished he is out next week to pastures new in civvy street good lad just needs a drip tray under his bed, nay way qrh not bad there mto is a ex q man reme and is a diamond dont know who is taking over in asm or q man but asm at the moment is a good guy as well.
  10. It has been a while but I enjoyed working with the QRH. The LAD were spot on with fixing all the bodges on CVR(T)s.

    How long have QRH got left there now?
  11. I was at QRH LAD 2001/2004 absolutely top posting top OC/ASM but obviously changed now. The lads then were excellent, and yes the ex Tiffy/Q man, now mto is a diamond geezer, Had a crazy RSM but now changed a couple of times I'd love to go back. And the "best screaming alcoholic tech on the planet" was a fcuking good laugh top bloke and morale booster, took all the flak for everyone else, how do w.ggers.
  12. Good Unit, Good Bunch of blokes there, ASM is about to change. They are due for a trip to the land of the mounties in 08 and all the things that follow on, on that front if you get my drift. Due back on home soil 09 at present, subject to change, awaiting a decision from higher up....etc.
  13. The ex aqms and now MTO was a diamond geezer untiul he donned his chip hat and now he walks around in his plastic cavalry civvies talking poooosh!!!

    The ASM at the moment is a tech and fick as mince but due to go and being replaced by a VM. Some short bloke with an attitude apparently. Scottish as well I think

    Good unit though spent many a happy time with them both as QRIH and QRH.

  14. The OC there at present is a top geezer ...or was. Looks a bit like Skeletor from the He-man cartoon but definately for the boys.

    rumour has it hes literally gutless as well.
  15. [The ASM at the moment is a tech and fick as mince but due to go and being replaced by a VM. Some short bloke with an attitude apparently. Scottish as well I think

    There was another short Scottish bloke after the post, who would have been ideal for the post.