Anybody at Bramcote/Gamecock Bks?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by bigbird67, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. No1 son has to do work experience next year, he WAS going to spend it with the OH down south but the LEA have nerfed that on 'Elf and Safety grounds. His dad, however, lives in Nuneaton so Bramcote/Gamecock Barracks would be an option (he's in ACF). Does anyone have a contact there i can go to to help organise it please? Or any idea of who the first contact should be?

    editted to say, my SON is ACF...not his dad....cos that would just be weird! Although his dad IS very short!
  2. If I remember Barmcote is Gurkhas. it might be worth speaking to the ACIO in Coventry or you might try Kineton Bks (Just off the M40)
  3. according to THIS they're both there and sharing a CO!
  4. veg...he doesn't mind! He'll crack on with anything! He just loves doing 'green stuff'! He'd be SO chuffed if we could sort it! He's fit enough to do any PT and stuff that goes on, i think he just wants to experience day to day life in the Army
  5. Have sent you a PM - hope it helps