Anybody at 7 Transport Regt LAD?

Hey all, according to my ASM I'm potentially getting posted to the LAD at 7 Transport Regt RLC in Cottesmore some time next year so this is something along the lines of a fishing trip. Can anyone enlighten me as to what the unit's like, what to expect, if there's any big exercises etc to "look forward" to. Also, what is there in the way of local facilities, shops and all that good stuff. I tried looking for a Cottesmore hive, but the page I found so far seems a little limited.

Before anyone has a whine saying call the unit up and ask, I've not had an assignment order yet, so I'm just having a quick ask around.

Last time i checked 7 Tpt were still in Germany and not due to move over to the UK until next year, so i wouldnt bother trying to find anything out, everything thing will be a cluster (more so than the usual RLC bollocks) until they settle in to their new place. As to what they are like? Its RLC, so the word dog**** comes to mind!
My son hopefully passes out from Pirbright in 2 weeks and got notification he had been posted to 7 TLR Cottesmore. He's RLC and still to do to Leconfield for his phase 2. If all goes well he'll probably getting to germany just as the regiment packs its bags and comes over to the old RAF station at Cottesmore
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