Anybody able to ID this weapon ?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by fantassin, Jan 26, 2011.

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  1. I came across that pic of a US soldier in Aghanistan wearing the so-called "poop" ACU trial camouflage and holding in his right hand what seems to be an HK weapon. My question is: Which HK is it ? AG-36, G-36 or anything else ?

    Thanks for the trouble...
  2. Looks like a grenade launcher, he is wearing a belt of grenades too so the AG-36 is a good bet.
  3. [​IMG]


    Heckler & Koch AG36 with custom foregrip or XM320

    Pistol on hip, Glock?
  5. I'm more impressed with the locals.

    Rolled up trouser legs (something in the Koran about trousers not touching the gorund?) and flip flops.

    Class Dress Regs.
  6. That cam is so pump, its still got no green in it, how can it be "universal" if its got no green is way beyond me.
  7. Too short to be a Glock 17. Do US forces carry .40 sidearms? (Glock 23)
  8. Dunno, but they're popular with North American policing agencies. The .40 model is the G22 which is the model I'm issued. The G23 is the short version I believe.
  9. It looks too short to be the 23, looks more like an HKP2k
  10. Those guys look like ninjas compared to the guys I used to work with.... Most had no shoes, dyed red hair and nail varnish!!!!! Now that's Ally!!!!
  11. Glock 19, 9mm. The Feds like the .40 cal so if he is in anyway related to a Fed Agency operating there he could be carrying a model 23.

    However, THEIRS do carry the model 19, 9mm (and other things). Open source article covering a training course run for THEIRS in Germany by Kyle Lamb, Sgt Maj (retd.) Delta Force - pics show a couple of model 19's in use as well as other pieces.
  12. Thanks for having taken a butcher and for confirming it was what I thought it was....

  13. May be CIA clandestine service para military operator?
  14. Its not acu or ucp its "ucp delta" a trail pattern before they went for multi cam out side the wire. there's more here.
    Camo Test Photos from Afganistan « Soldier Systems