any1 starting training phase 1 at !!winchester!! july 23rd!!

Yes, 23rd of july is my torture start date too.

I'll be the old Scottish guy, cya then.

Who are you all joining? I'm going groundcrew in the AAC.
no i went in january to pirbright, been waiting ages to go in to basic at winchester!!
Has anyone been sent through their joining instructions yet (kit list etc.)?
yeah mate had it for a while you not received it?? id give them a call and make sure they`ve not forgotten about you if its taken that long to get to basic they`ve probably forgotten!!!
yeah i will give them a ring on tuesday, thanks! its taken ages to get into basic because i had to wait for an opening in the job that i want to do, so sucks a bit but its given me a chance to get my fitness up, which is a bonus!!
i did pretty good passed 3 of the 4 team tasks. done my run in 10.35, how did you do at yours?
im taking a month off of work too for the same reason.
cool. you did really well. yeah i did quite well on the heaves i did 14 but everyone else seemed to drop out under ten.
i think im going to be one of the youngest when we get there only 18 haha
dont worry about that mate there will be younger than u and everyone will be in the same position!! be hard work but a laugh at the same time.

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