any1 starting training phase 1 at !!winchester!! july 23rd!!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by killergibbo, May 4, 2007.

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  1. ??? like the topic says
  2. yes mate ill be there!!!
  3. where did you have ya selection and on what date???
  4. was at glencorse in april
  5. Yes, 23rd of july is my torture start date too.

    I'll be the old Scottish guy, cya then.

    Who are you all joining? I'm going groundcrew in the AAC.
  6. am join RAC tankcrew men in the 9th/12th lancers
  7. im joining then aswell.!!
  8. joining rac but going 2rtr
  9. did anyone got to selection on the 12th-13th april ?? at litchfield
  10. not me mate i was glencourse 10th and 11th april
  11. no i went in january to pirbright, been waiting ages to go in to basic at winchester!!
    Has anyone been sent through their joining instructions yet (kit list etc.)?
  12. yea i have.....the only thing i need to do now is take my birth cerft to the afco...but ya ive had all my paperwork
  13. yeah mate had it for a while you not received it?? id give them a call and make sure they`ve not forgotten about you if its taken that long to get to basic they`ve probably forgotten!!!
  14. yeah i will give them a ring on tuesday, thanks! its taken ages to get into basic because i had to wait for an opening in the job that i want to do, so sucks a bit but its given me a chance to get my fitness up, which is a bonus!!
  15. yeah definately i have a month off work etc before i go so gonna be in the gym none stop i think. how you do at selection pal??