any1 no what is going on in iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sophie2501, Apr 16, 2005.

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  1. hi all,
    i am worried my husband is in iraq and i am really worried about him is it still bad out there? he is in al alamah and i was wondering if any1 could give me some information?
    thanks xx
  2. Sophie

    If your location is Bulford Camp, you should be able to ask there and I hope reassure any concerns you may have.
  3. Speak to your Families' Officer.
    You won't get much concrete information from here, other than people saying "It's pretty hot there during the day and pretty cold during the night", and I'm sure your husband will have told you all about OPSEC a while ago.
  4. If youre a journo or a spotty student I doubt you would know. If not my humblest apologies :D
  5. Which set of houses you in Sophie?

    (This should sort out if she's real or a journo, I moved off Bulford Camp 3 months ago so she can't lie)
  6. alberta gardens near the haig centre
  7. im sorry if u all think that i am lying but my husband really is in iraq and i cant contact my welfare officer as he is never in his office and i am really worried i just thought that some one might be able to give me some advice thats all
  8. She's either real or a journalist who actually does some research about the Forces (and we all know what the chances of that are).

    Not sure what's happening out there anymore, it was quiet when I came home (end of October last year), but anything could have happened since then. Most of the trouble then seemed to be centred round the Septics in Baghdad, Basra only really kicked off in the summer when the Yanks started attacking mosques in Fallujah, although there was always enough going on to keep it "interesting". Al-Amarah was worse than Basra, but (again) I've got no idea what's happening up there anymore either.

    If the Families Officer isn't in his office, speak to another SNCO or Officer from the Sqn/Bn/Regt, someone should be able to tell you something. The Toms should have been told not to say anything to families if they call (stopping bollox rumours spreadin), so you won't be able to just call the Guardroom. TBH, you're best bet is not to worry unless you're given a reason to worry (and I know how hard that is).

    As a last resort, the Guardroom should have a pager or mobile number for the Families Officer, so they should be able to get hold of him and get him to contact you if you really have to speak to him.
  9. Your husband is safe and sound, i know its hard but try and put it out off your mind..Take each day as it comes.

    My wifes advise is "do not watch the news" and instead wait to you hear from him yourself.

    No one thinks you are lying, however, op security as you know is for everyone's safety.
    Being TA. It was a big shock for my wife but she handled it great as will you.

    It is hard on all spouses being male or female but try not to worry.

    Sometimes communications are down so if he says he will ring you on a certain day but does not, do not worry it will be out of his control.
    Hope this helps.

  10. thanks every1 xx
  11. Dear Sophie,

    I don't know how the community support is with your husband's unit. There'll be many fellow spouses in the same predicament. Hopefully, the spouse of your husband's Commanding Officer is organising get-togethers, etc. That person would also be a good person to contact, or the RSM's spouse.

    Since guys at Battalion HQ will often have a greater chance of contacting their families back home, their spouses should have their finger on the pulse, so to speak.

    By speaking to your fellow spouses, you'll also get a chance to ascertain as to whether your Welfare Officer is any good. It's one thing if the guy is out of the office to visit families, and another if he's back with his family. He might have a mobile number to answer questions.

    I presume your welfare office has several people in it - including civilians and wives in the same situation as yourself. Again, good people to talk to.
  12. Have you got an 'OMO' packet in the kitchen window?
  13. Ah the Rabbit Hutches lucky old you. :(
  14. Sophie,

    Rest assured, your other half is okay.

    In terms of communication, the mobile phone network out here is pants as it has so little power / capability and Al Amarrah is pretty basic.

    As has been mentioned before, most of the action is up here in Baghdad and even further north towards Mosul (time for you to crack out an Iraq map).

    If you want any more info / reassurance, PM me and I can elaborate - being in Baghdad surrounded by 20,000 Septics has the advantage of knowing where to ask the right questions.
  15. Not one of your better ones, Queensman.