Any1 going para

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by GB1991, Sep 30, 2012.

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  1. Anybody else in the process of going para ? What's your return mile and half and pressups and sit-ups at ? Hopefully have my prac on 16th or 23 October .
  2. 1.5 mile - 12.40
    Press Ups - 12
    Sit ups - 17
  3. You are seriously deluded if you think thats good enough to even join the Army, let alone the Parachutists.
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  4. I don't know, he would make a good WRAC............errr............. something is wrong with that statement.
  5. That's fucking atrocious for a young man. Must try harder.
  6. I'm aiming For 22 SAS watched every season of Bear Grylls born survivour. 1.5 Mile 3 hours 15 mins Sit ups 3 if i try really hard i can do 4 and Press ups 150.

    Be throwing Fridges in no time.
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  7. Dunno 'bout a Parachutist but the words HEAVY DROP have sprung to mind...
  8. ...I was joking.
  9. ...really should get off the internet and do some pressups?
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  10. Wow, I'm on about that now, and I'm a 43 year fat lazy cunt smoker that's been out for 15. Reckon they'll let me back in?
  11. Mile and a half - 16 minutes 14 seconds (improves from 21 mins 18 seconds)

    Push ups - 9

    Sit ups - 11

    Think I'm making good progress. Not sure whether to go Royal Marines or Para.
  12. Brax you gota be kidding aha
  13. Fuck off
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  14. Despite what people say you will get in the Army with that, just not in the profession related to the thread.
  15. I'm of an age which precludes me from CFTs but still did the 1 1/2 miler a lot quicker quicker, 61 pressups and 86 situps two weeks ago.. Hurrah for me!
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