Any WW2 Veterans Here??


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ISTR an early thread on this forum (but I could be wrong) trying to ascertain who was the oldest person on ARRSE. You could start looking there.
Slightly off thread, although a dedicated ARRSER, I have a question concerning some research I'm doing on a particular RAF raid in WW2. I thought that there was a dedicated RAF ARRSE type website - can anyone point me towards it?
That would be e-goat, not a patch on the real thing though...ask your question here, you get a better class of abuse and strangely enough there are numerous people with the wherewithall to perhaps answer your query
I have a friend who was a Jedburgh - will e-mail him and see if he wants to sign up. I'm not sure how computer literate he is - when I e-mail him it's always his wife who replies :)

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