Any wrecker spotters out there?

Discussion in 'REME' started by Jorrocks, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. Chaps, it is not often that I dip my tow into the hallowed REME forum. As a cold war cavalry officer, my experience of the LAD was confined mainly to bribing VMs to fix my aging Beetle and providing endless Herfies during all night pack lifts. Now I need more help.

    I am looking for a information about anyone still manufacturing a 6 x 6 Wrecker, with a towing capacity of about 14 tonnes and a lift of 6 tonnes (in fact not dissimilar to the reverred Foden). Must be military spec and not too high tech, so the new MAN 8x8 is probably out of the question.

    Alternatively, if there is no one building this new, does anyone know of a source of Fodens that could be reconditioned? (I´ve already checked Withams - not enough of them).

    Grateful for any suggestions.
  2. How mny you after??? :) Haven't we just retired a load of Foddens or has the Government just upgraded them with a new lick of paint?
  3. That sort of thing is usually built to order. Try these people and tell them what chassis you want it on:


    Truck runs and drives fantastic. Starts very easily. Brakes are fine. Very solid truck. Mechanical check and repairs complete. Valve job, new regulator, etc. Original 6-cylinder engine, heavy duty military wrecker bed, twin booms with two 5-ton winches, front mounted winch. $9,500.

    This vehicle was extensively refurbished in the 1990's by the present owner.
    It remains probably one of the best you will see today at this price.
    Complete with lots of the CES normally missing and a host of spares.

    This one any good
    Telescopic crane with fly jib,58 ft reach,8 ton capacity. Direct from Czech army, Perfect working order,many electronic safety features, power stabilizers, crane controls from inside cockpit, portal axles with good ground clearance, 6 cyl diesel engine, hi-low box etc. Rust free 1970`s vehicle, good tyres, left hand drive. Use for work or shows. £7,950.ovno. Manchester.

    This comes with a shed
    Scammell Pioneer Recovery 1941
    Well maintained, excellent condition, fuel system completly overhauled. All good tyres. Taxed and ready to rally. £7800 ono

    have fun

  5. Thanks everyone for your replies. This has given me a lot to be getting on with. I like the idea of buying up all the old Fodens, but much as it was loved by you chaps, it´s not the ideal design for the third world.

    Virtual Herfies all round!
  6. Jorrocks,

    the Foden 6x6 has availability of spares issues, namely the steering box. They are not made anymore. There are a few other bits you won't be able to get too, I can't remember what they are off the top of my head.

    You don't mention a winch in your post, do you need one?
  7. Get them built on a TATA:
  8. any UNIMOG chassis' available in your neck of the third world? pretty bombproof base to build on
  9. I like your idea of a bespoke vehicle, matching the chassis with the suitable recovery engineering. I am looking at about 200 units, so this could be attractive to someone. I´m still waiting for my client to get back with more info, but I probably looking at a boom, winch and towing capacity. Tata could be a cheap option but may not be acceptable politically. I let you know how it goes. Thaks again to all.
  10. There's plenty of manufacturers to choose from, TATRA, KAMAZ, Mercedes, HINO? The Chineses probably make something suitable and cheap.

    Ship them to UK to have the bodies built and then export them.

    For an order of 200 I wouldn't rule out British manufacturers either. Have you asked Marshall SPV yet?
  11. You could have told me you needed 200.

    As it happens there is an entire fleet parked up in a wood in Russia - Next to the tanks

  12. Try Mike Boniface of Boniface Engineering, he make great recovery vehicles is involved in many military projects
    All the best
  13. You are Mike Boniface and I claim my £5. :)
  14. No sorry - just a (too) old wrecker user!