any women been to selection lately that can help...

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by united_girl, Mar 15, 2008.

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  1. hey, been reading posts on here for last few days, but cant really see much info on any girls who have recently been to selection, all i really want to no is things like your run time there, press up/sit up/heaves score?
    any help is appreciated
  2. well i can tell you a thew things about selection but im a lad

    firstly you do not have to do pressups or situps but you will need to do some heaves
    as far as the heaves go there was a lad in selection with me who only done 3 and still passed so as long as you can do a quople there shouldent be a problem

    run time should be under 12 minutes and you will be fine
  3. thanks, is every selection no press ups/sit ups?

    its the press ups i have been finding hard, i have been trying to practice everyday combined with weights to try to help build my upper strength, but still find them extremely difficult!
  4. There is no sit ups or press ups on any selection except maybe 5 or 10 in your medical to see if your joints work, although for a woman after 14 weeks of the best basic training in the world you have to be able to do 40 press ups.

  5. ok thanks, for some reason i thought u were still required to do as many press ups as you could in two mins, same with sit ups, but im not gonna complain if thats not the case!

    also.. with the run, im managing to get the time down each week and want to do it as quick as i can, but is 12 mins what would be expected to achieve?
  6. 12 mins would be fine for a female, thats a good time barring anything except infantry, dont worry :)
  7. Well... I can't really give you info for women but when I was at adsc you had to do gym in the evening for about 45 mins which consisted of pressups and situps and other activities, although you weren't expected to do a certain amount - just try your hardest and don't give up.

    If you start out doing to much you can soon lose heart, so I would recommend setting yourself a goal, for example, 20 pressups in a row, but perform 3-5 sets of 20, so in total that would make 60-100 pressups, stick to that method of training and then add on a couple more over the weeks etc..., It's important to focus on proper technique, so, all the way up and all the way down until your chin touches the floor.

    If you set yourself a realistic goal then progress your training you will soon find your banging out 50 pressups without breaking a sweat!

    Also, don't forget to eat healthy, a well balanced diet! :lol:
  8. Seeing as the pass time for women under 29 in the regular army is under 13 minutes, I very much doubt you need 12 mins to pass ADSC.

    I am not sure but 13:30 seems to be a safe time to aim for?

  9. Thoes times look a bit unfair on us males dont you think. A under 30 woman is expected to have the same time as a 50- 55 man.
  10. I think the female time is ridiculous it needs to be the same as or closer to the male time for under 30's.
  11. Not quite 30 secs out.

    It is a gender fair test apparently.