Any Wolverhampton Wanderers Supporters out there?!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by An_Englishman, Sep 5, 2006.

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  1. ... and before the slagging starts, just remember who won the First FA Cup final - we beat the Wedges 1.0!
  2. and its been downhill from then on
  3. At least we're not being used as a money laundering facility!
  4. Winning the inaugural FA Cup (1872) is a bit of a spurious claim, Wolverhampton Wanderers didn’t come into existence until 1879 when St Lukes (Wolves) merged with the local Cricket & Football Club known as the Wanderers :? :?

    Even the Club don’t claim their first FA Cup win until 1893, however, it might just be me being a miserable old Git :D

    Doesn’t look like there’s many Wolves fans here :wink:
  5. no u gimp
  6. Very witty ...!
  7. yes me why?
  8. Funny that someone called An Englishman purports to be a Wolves fan. You the one are you?
  9. Count me in - since 1966! You can change your car, house, wife, girl/boy friend, rent boy etc. but you can never change your Football Team!!

    A plague of gout and tight boots on all West Brom players!
  10. yeah me too.
  11. OK, you've found half a dozen Wolves fans. Now what?