Any WIS nuts in the Volunteers?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Bound_Apprentice, Oct 26, 2010.

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  1. Hi y'all, long time no post.

    I am looking for someone to provide a certain element of training to my Department on an ongoing basis as the ACPO route has come to nought. If Ape (AG) is reading this, get in touch as your skills are relevant here.
    Anyone with WIS background who is in the Volunteers would be of particular interest, or whoever is involved in training within the UK permanent units. (Sorry lost track of the unit numbers again).
    This is NoDuff and could be a reasonably long term/stable/mutually enjoyable turn.

    If you can assist please PM me for further details and contacts. If you can't don't!

    Message ends

  2. BA

    If you are looking for formal assistance from a uniformed element of HM Forces then there are certain hoops that need to be jumped through to set this up. You may want to have a discrete chat with the Ops Directorate to find out the score, as any form of assistance like this could be construed as MACA, and as such, you may find the MOD wants to send a large bill for their services.

    I'd be careful how this is handled as I can attest from personal experience that people doing favours for mates very quickly turns into senior officers reporting for interviews without coffee with even more senior officers.
  3. Jim. Thanks for that. I am aware of the ball-ache that this can turn into and in fact most of the other hazards of which you speak.

    The simple matter is that I know exactly what I want delivered to our students, as I used to deliver the very session that I seek when I was in No1 WIS circa 1988. Unfortunately, and for very obvious reasons, I have none of the "slides" and materials needed to give it now!
    Furthermore, I actually do wish this to be officially sanctioned and I am aware there may well be an inherent cost involved, as are those that instruct me. At this stage I am simply seeking a link to those that MAY be able to deliver the training so that we can make matters more formal. I could write directly to the Directorate, and may yet do that, but I considered I would exploit as many sources as possible initially in the hope of moving things along briskly and as you rightly point out, with an element of discretion.

    Thanks again, B_A
  4. Check your PMs