Any way of getting a frame rate higher than 60fps in ArmA?

My graphics card is an HD4870, which should be getting way above that.
My cpu and ram are both well above minimum spec lists for the game but I still run into a roadblock at 60fps.

For some unknown reason I get exactly the same max framerate in Operation Flashpoint Game of the Year edition, which I have ensured is fully patched up to v1.96

My Direct X 9.0c is fully up to date (using June's updates) as are my graphics card drivers(to Catalyst v10.6), so I am stumped.

My desktop resolution is 1152x864 and the refresh rate is 85Hz, which my LCD monitor has no problems with.

Any ideas?

Maybe it is because with my old graphics cards I never got higher than 40fps on any game?

Or even close to it to be even more brutally honest.



Kit Reviewer
Maybe the game is software-limited to 60fps for performance reasons? As mentioned, you really don't need it - so why would the game divert resources?
Cant remember the name of it but there is feature called V-sync i think. It basically syncs the frame rate of the game to the monitors maximum, it was originally implemented to stop minor graphic distortions and cheating.

But you can not see any difference above 25fps so letting it go higher does nothing for you what so ever except a mini "ha ha my computer is amazing" feeling. The computer is not struggling so dont worry about it. FPS is merely an indication of how your PC is coping with the game, when it gets less than 40fps roughly then look to lowering your settings to keep the game going happily.

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