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Any Vehicle Specs on here?

Just a small thread to see if there are in fact any other VS's roaming the pages of ARRSE?

Although I think I may already know the answer!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
I attended the high-brow VS restructuring conference and can happily announce that I did my best to see them off.

What a pointless trade group.

I endured 6 hours of parochial rants and weak arguements mainly from GOPWOs (grossly over promoted warranted officers) about how vital they were and if they had to be restructured then it should be into a supply type trade.

Essentially, they were sh!tting bricks that they would be reallocated as dvrs and be posted to tpt regts. They knew that life may have then involved displaying leadership, doing phys, passing ITDs and generally being more soldierly!

Tank Transporters Next!

Choose not to choose life - Choose a Standard Life.
RLC Officer - Be Average
goon_bde, can you tell me why exactly you think the trade is such a waste of space then?

You obviously have strong views about the trade, but fail to make any decent argument as to why the trade should be binned!
With effect the 01 April 2006, there will be no more Vehicle Specialists as the trade has been closed down with effect that date.

All VS’s have to select their new trade, Possibles are

Port Operators
Tank Commander Drivers

What next Pet Ops or ATs ?
Warrior said:
goon_bde, can you tell me why exactly you think the trade is such a waste of space then?

You obviously have strong views about the trade, but fail to make any decent argument as to why the trade should be binned!
P.S. goon_bde you have still to answer Warrior!
I enjoyd working with the VS types at 6 ordand down the falklands, where I had the honour of Taff A.´s sausage frying delights. Met most of them at TDU again a while later..... good for a piss up :wink:
It's true I' m sad to say! The V.S. trade will be withering away into the moonlight soon! Although from what we have been told, they really dont know what to do with us!

DRLC are saying they don't need the capability, but on the other hand Land and other Commanders are saying they do!

I know it's suppossed to be going in April next year, but we have also been told that they can't possibly do it that quickly!

Anyone else have any other news???

(And I hope the guy who thought all this up enjoys his MBE after this)
Good news, (form me atleast) The V.S. trade has been given another year to be reviewed, so we will remain the same till April 2007.

Guess I'll have to stay a bit longer then!
Cheers fella, although when we do finaly change I dont think we will change our job as such! They will down size it I think, and we will have to change our name slightly, also, we won't be a stand alone trade anymore!

I also believe we wont be part of any supply Regiments then either, but I'm not complaining about that! The sooner the better I reakon!
We're still here and going strong abeit being a spec qual of the supplier trade.

As for the Goon, just a jealous trog who hasn't got a clue what we do and lets keep it that wat.
I'm an Ex-VS, left trade in 1984, to go to Blackdown (MTI) from Ashchurch.

Have attended the odd VS re-union.

There's a lot of us still around.

PS: I agree with all anti-trog comments, the harsher the better ! For proof see what the Depot (Deepcut) RSM & Corps RSM did during their tours there at the same time 94/ 95 ? I think,,,,,,,,, both Ex-trog drivers.
Yep ex VS here as well at Ashchurch 83-84 Falklands 84 Kinnegar 84-86 the trade was dying then, surprised its still going, have attended 2 reunions both at Ashchurch........
As a pet op i spent 3 years with the VS's in Antwerp before it closed. Cracking bunch, got me in more drink related trouble than i could eventually handle and had to move away :D
Deserve better treatment that they get from the Corps ( even if they can't drive for toffee :D )
Ben away on some less than exciting tours lately, so not been around. Nonetheless nice to see some V.S.'s (plus ex ones of course) finally turn up.

Anyone got any more news on the trade recently?

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