Any units having an open day/evening?

If my memory serves correctly, a couple of years ago there was such a thing as TAday. - A national open day?

Does this still exist? - I have seen a local ta unit with an open day for ages!
Short answer - no.

It used to be great, TA 'swamp' the streets in every town on the same day. Huge coverage and therefore great recruiting. In reality, ARRSE.

A few years ago it was the same day as the FA cup final. Result = 1 recruit, because every one was watching the football.

Now units can recruit with a little more flexibility. Good units recruit all year round and reap the benefits.
TA Day - NO. However we will hold 2 Intake Days this year, as well as 5 Intake Nights.

An Intake Night/Day is defined as - all attendees have been specifically invited on the basis of captured AFCO Form 1 information. Passers by are handed information about the next one, and their AFCO 1 info is captured.

Format - Statutory presentations, stands, completion of AFCO 4 (up to Med Section), briefing about RT in general, Med and TAFS in detail, bar (and lunch if it is a day).

LaL - it is intended to utilise 3 Unit Ex's to invite up to 2 x Coach loads of specifically targeted groups to visit. Briefing, observe BE's, BL's and other exciting activities, field kitchen lunch, see kit/stands, observe (part of) an O Grp.

Open Day - only if forced to conduct one. In this event, it would be aimed at local dignitaries, employers, Associations, RBL, other organisations that could be relevant (we'll worry how they are relevant once they have confirmed they will attend). Put on stands and demo's etc. Also invite families, put up all the kids entertainment, have a damned good thrash and see if anybody else turns up. If they do then they can join the party.
Get hold of your PR people, there is a budget (not huge) available for spending in May/June/July. n.b. Certainly in the South, though likely elsewhere. Should be able to grab #500. (many apologies, - a strange new keyboard).

Using this thread, many apologies, due to a number of variables, stats ref cost/mediums/recruits/sustainability will be delayed to June. Currently 75 potential recruits from a standing start 5 weeks ago. Also 1 attested, and 2 in process.

Can anybody tell me why they bother with an Open Day? Seems like a huge amount of effort for little return, and a confusion of selling and closing. This is a serious question. Do we just do it because we are told to? Does it work? How?

Not impressed with Reg recruiting. Huge effort, very small return. For 8 days, approx half what I would expect for 1 day of TA recruiting. i.e. 4-10 blokes are expected to produce 12 properly completed AFCO Form 1's per day not 5 over a week plus. I am not enirely convinced that the Reg teams (not all of course) are in the 21st Century. Comments?
My local REME TA unit regulary has a Saturday open day & regular open evenings. Just keep an eye on your local rag.

Regards LT.

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