Any Uke players?

Finally got off my arse and bought a telecaster Uke with elelctric pick up been thinking of buying one for a bit and picked one up on Monday managing about 5 notes just now. Fancy learning this though, And check out GUGUG on youtube fooking ace!

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Saw the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain live at Blackheath last year - good gig.

Yes, I too am a uku geek. I started in February this year (after playing on my kid's crappy one), and bought a Rubin tenor electo-acoustic and a Peanut soprano electric. Both tuned low-G, to handle guitar-type music.

Love it.
Bodhrán and banjo. Working my way through the Alphabet Of Much Maligned Musical Instruments. Uke is waaaaaay down the list.
Just thought I would say I like my Oscar Schmidt uke and my Barnes and Mullins Banjolele. I enjoy strumming to myself and pretending I cannot hear the wife when she calls. Wish I could add a few vocals but I cannot sing at all. Anyone know of any uke clubs in the West of Scotland?
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