any truth in patrol boots now being issued instead?

heard rumour that our qm is asking anyone that wants to trade in old boots if they have 2 pairs of issue boots and if the other pair is serviceable (even if best boots). if so, tough sh1t use other pair (er quite what the RSM will say about this when a few parades come up god knows).

next bit - if you only have one pair then you wont be issued regular boots, but patrol boots. Ive not actually seen anyone wearing these but from catalogue pix they look pretty gash. opinions? is this now policy ??

finally, does anyone know what make of boots you get if you have to get issued special boots for medical reasons - the physio is signing a chit for me...the qm and his minions are dicks, and will probably do best to scupper it. anyone know the gen on the procedure?

many thanx.
If you want nice special boots (Hand made to measure) go here...

Who will do you a nice pair of dammed comfy boots which should last you the rest of your life (with refites and repairs etc).

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