ANY top tips for afghan? kit-wise? Whats Kandahar like?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by nakedbar!, Jun 18, 2006.

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  1. I am about to pop off to afghan very soon - Kandahar.

    Any tips for items to bring? Both comfort items and essentials?

    Any thing I really dont need on issued kit list? EG what ARE those C95 shorts about?? :eek:

    Am well impressed with new issue hot weather boots too so wont be buying any others.

    Laptop to bring or not? Ipod? DVDs? Or should I bring minimum stuff and buy stuff when Im there?

    Im going to Kandahar as an individual to a small unit, and will not be working with too many Brits, and have had bugger all in the way of advice from Unit, so any advice from those who have been there or ABOUT to go most welcome.

    If anyone has info (no OPSEC issues please) about Kandahar MNB then pls fell free to drop a reply eg whats the food like, facilities -gym equipt? accom?

    Oh and are you taking the anti malarials?

  2. I will advise LOWA seeker gtx desert boots or Alt-berg veldthog desert boots as good as they look those new desert boots do not be fooled that's it from me !!!!
  3. It gets very cold , very quickly, so take more than just your Telic kit and shorts.

    (Think Bosnia with really really attractive ladies...usual terms apply + the Canadians have a decent base to rob from)
  4. I know, as a civvy (female), I should keep my trap shut, but this looks odd to me!!! Are you going on Op, nakedbar ...... or is it an Airtours "Late Package Deal" off teletext?
  5. eh?

    am going for 6 months - G2. not too many of those on offer on teletext you stupid mare.

    i expect to be working 12-18 hour days at least in the beginning. However there are inevitably going to be down times, and I would like info as I will be bringing creature comforts.

    As any fule kno, any idiot can be uncomfortable in the field( /MNB !)

    And ive had a weeks notice so yes, Bovvystupidbint, keep your trap shut unless youve got something constructive to offer eg experience (not of the skiing type).
  6. By way of apology for my rudeness and ignorance, as you have only a week's notice, I'll BUMP this to the top of the list again.
  7. and so shall i because i'm that kinda guy!!!!
  8. I am interested to know what people come up with for your questions about going on OPs in Afghanistan, as when I am trained and ready to be deployed I would also like to sign-up for Afghanistan, So I will be keeping an eye on this subject.. :)

    Sorry I cannot be of help to you, but your queries will be of allot of help to me. :)

    I do hope you find out what you need to know as there is nothing like going prepared rather then half-packed for a full time job :)
  9. Just back from cpl weeks visit in kandahar airfield, BFBS just started broadcasting digital TV on the base.

    Their top tip is if u bring a laptop buy a TV tuner adaptor card as u will be able to pick up the BFBS package which includes the world cup games.
  10. Bloody hell, how times change. I had to make do with a pair of flip flops, a Swiss Army knife and a battered copy of Lovebirds! In fact, just what more do you need for an Imperial Progress?
  11. yes go there i was there in 1999 hope you like the place.
    it will get alot worse than it is now trust me.

    1999? TWO YEARS BEFORE 9/11 ? WHAT THE FOOK? YOU THERE AS A CIA SUPERSPY on your OWN? Or in a fuck1ng training camp you prick?


    Trust you? And what exactly could I trust you with? mouthing off to people who could break you inside 10 mins. What do you know about this country? Who was the Lion of Panshir? Why did the Taliban start under the leadership of Mullah Omar? Can you name twenty dialects spoken in the country?

    NO. SO FUCKRIGHTOFF OR GIVE ME YOUR ADDRESS SO I CAN HAVE A LITTLE CHAT TO YOU 1-1 in person before I board my flight this weekend. Distance is NOFUCKINGOBJECT.

  13. My son's in Kandahar at the moment with Guards Para Platoon. I can only give you the advice of a mum but I hope some it may prove useful.

    Yes there's a gym. Air con in accomm is very good but you'll wake up cold. Depending on where you're based there, watch out for the "poo lake"... I kid you not. All of the base's shit is being pumped into a lake with a poo fountain in the middle of it. My lad is accommodated on the side next to the poo and the stink is apparently really unbearable. He says that because he grabbed a bed right next to the air con unit, he can't sleep for the stink. If he moves away from the unit, he then can't sleep for the heat. I'm sending him out a small tub of Vic to put under his nose at night to see if that helps.

    It's unusually hot for the time of year. Reaching the 50s in the morning and is exhausting all of them.

    The Yanks are putting on a lot of entertainment... last week they had some American comedians out who were apparently pretty good. The Yanks are also indulging in salsa dancing - now that I'd love to see. Free coffee, juice, popcorn etc on offer. There's even a Burger King. My son eats in both the Yank and Brit cookhouses and they're both ok.

    All of the phone, computer services out of there are absolutely fine and he phones most days.

    One crucial thing though: he got stung by a scorpion last week on his leg and ended up unconscious after anaphylatic shock, uncontrollable pooing and spewing etc. He's fine now but was hospitalised in the camp. The silly buggers were sunbathing outside. He's also heard of another soldier (don't know what nationality) who was bitten by a scorpion too; he'd put on his body armour and didn't realise it was there... so shake everything you put on. I've heard that it's not supposed to be scorpion season yet but perhaps the heat has brought them out early.

    Another problem that the Army doesn't appear to have addressed is the sandfly issue. Sandflies can cause a lifelong skin disease (liehmaniasis or something like that) and a lot of soldiers have returned from various Iraq tours with it. Any travel site will advice not to bare your skin out there (just look at the locals) and yet our lads are walking around with their sleeves rolled up etc. I'm going to send him some strong insect repellant out because this can safeguard against these flies to some extent - I'm on the look out for the type that contains permethrin.

    Anti-malarial pills: I've been told that all of my son's platoon and most of 3 Para at Bastion aren't taking them because the side effects make work impossible (rumours are that they're the cheap type). My son's attitude is that he'd rather risk malaria than get shot because he couldn't focus. I can see his point although it's still worrying.

    The camp's huge, which you probably already know. My son also works a lot with other forces and not too much with his own. Apologies that I can't give you much info on kit but that's not a mum's area! He seems to want for very little and I keep asking him. Naturally, I send him stuff out anyway... most of which he probably doesn't need.

    I hope this has been of some use to you and I wish you well out there.
  14. Ive just come back from the place, theres a english cook house so the foods not that bad a sub way and pizza hut with few shops around there. The PX is quite good but if you see some thing in there you like buy it, take a lap top or mini dvd player and a picture of a can of ale its a dry camp, i left when it was about 37 degrees through the day so lots of sun tan cream is needed.
  15. I was there in late 2004, It's very dusty, like fullers earth, it billows around your feet. Apparantly things have improved a little with accomodation . If you can take a laptop it would be a bonus as you could buy cheap dvd films from a local jingly market on the airfield. We were eating in the JFAC (yank cookhouse) and the food was ok. It's true about the shit pool, it reeks so bad you get a sulphury taste in your gob. Parts of the base were still not cleared of mines and stuff from the Russian days, be wary of going on waste ground, Best of luck!