Any tips on using Google Adwords?

The building game has had it as far as I can see so I've recently with my son started a photobooth business and the internet is the premier media to use to get new business in for something like this. We are in the process of getting our website "up" the ratings so it gets noticed and one of the tools we are using for this is Google Adwords. It is getting us on the first page but it's not the cheapest way to get your website noticed.

Our budget is limited for advertising because we have spent most of our capital on the booth itself and setting everything up. Anybody got any tips on using Adwords to the best advantage or any other little tricks to get our site up the ratings. Any advice would be very appreciated so thanks in advance.
I should add that my son is very technically minded but I'm just wondering if anybody has anything particularly good that really works for them.
Are you developing the web site yourself or are you using a professional developer?

If you use a developer they should be able to optimise the site but this is usually an 'extra' and doesn't come cheap!

If you are developing the site yourselves there are a few basic tips that help.
1 Try to get as much unique information on the page as possible (this will help distinguish your site from similar ones)
2 Search engine crawlers cannot 'read' scripts. These scripts are the flashy things that look cool but they don't help you get found!!
3 Make a site map for the site so the crawlers know where to look for your pages
4 Use <H1> tags for your main headings on a page.
5 Try and use some keywords in the page title.

There are loads of other little bits that help also.

I have only ever produced my own sites and tweaked them to suit as i've gone along. Ive never needed to use googleadwords to get good rankings.

If you want you can Pm me with your site and i will see if i can suggest anything.


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