Any tips for Pirbright???

Leaving to attend Phase 1 this Jan up at pirbright ( i live down in Cornwall) and I have a few questions.

1. As i will be getting the train up I dont want to take an ironing board with me, will there be any there?

2. When i did the selection I found it hard but clearly not impossible so how does that 'taster' compare to everyday life?

3. Is there much mixing with the females or are the kept well away from the guys?

4. Any advice you can offer that will make my life up there more bareable and esentially smoother/easier/fun??

hey mate, im at Pirbright now, answers to your questions are:

1) theres loads here so dont worry about bringing one itll just get in the way.

2) Not to put you down but selection is nothing, theres alot more PT and the early mornings arent just 1 they last 14 weeks.

3) The females can be in same block on different levels, but you will learn when you get here that you dont want to be talking to them :D

4) I cant really think of anything i would have brough but just come with a positive frame of mind and be willing to get stuck in.
cheers for the solid advice fellas i found it really helpful.

Also i wanted to say that i am 27 and my first choice is Special Observer.

when you get there are you put in with guys your own age or is it random? Also what is the level of fitness for most recruits?

I have been running and hitting the gym so i am getting fitter each week but obviously i dont want to get an injury etc.

cheers guys much appreciated and keep up the good work!

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