Any thoughts?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ctauch, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. Any thoughts on how I should handle this? Should I knock its teeth out and force feed him my todger, make it lick my c um from my mums dung socket?

    Suggestions please, the fecker is worse then a bad case of VD just not as itchy.

  2. Mooch i said this in chat and i will repeat it here,

    You are not doing yourself any favours are you.
    After the post upon which you basically appologised for the lame posts i was prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt.

    But after seeing your tyraid on Ctauch in chat it just goes to prove my instincts were correct and you are indeed a Cnut.

    I know Ctauch is a septic, and therefore should be ridiculed, there is a proper way to do this, and your child like behavoir this morning (my time) was not it!

    My advice is Mooch, change your user name, and come back to the site, and not be a complete w*anker.
  3. What did you do to wind this chap up? I'm not defending him but that tirade must have come from somewhere, or is he just being a t*t?
  4. mooch one key thing you are not really picking up on, that is not everyone has to have different thoughts on things. Believe it or not people can and do and do agree on issues.

    Like wise I agree with most of the other members.
    FFS, just grow up or go away.
    As many people know my name used to be reagyman, I will happly confess this as I know that I WAS a boneified CNUT as it is true.

    You also may want to take note of what happend to me, I was slag to high heven for all my bad points (spelling, bone posts andtalking shyte) which has improved ever so much due to this slagging and it has led to me enjoying this site more.

    I don't want this site to become any less fun or enjoyable for you than for anyone else as that is what it is here for (to:enjoy, be fun; swop info and for a right good laugh when the world is being a cnut).

    So take it this way.
    GROW or Go

    Anyone at Ottaburn between
    9 July and 23 July
    as I need a surprise ambush set up and carried out.
    thank you
  5. Woooooooo bit o bitching funnage has been going on and I missed it :)

  6. Sounds to me like he has a 'thing' for Flashy and DD.
  7. Just my two cents

    You are truley a cnut of the first order.

    I don't like you! Get over it and move on with your life! Or better yet if it causes you so much distress that you have to badger me into liking you I suggest you slit your wrists or play on the M1.

    You had my benefit of the doubt when you first joined, but after incesant posts of tripe, dribble and utter shyte AND in fact being warned repeatedly, by others, to moderate your non-sense you continued to act an arrse. That is in my eyes the definition of a cnut. There is nothing you can say, write or do to change that, since being a cnut is a personality disorder for which there is no cure.

    My year old sprog has better sense then you and behaves more adult like. Fcuking grow up or die don't really care which...and I'm sure you have heard that from many other ARRSERS as well, you pest.

    As for emulating others, I have no desire to be a goat blowing dog feltcher like Flash or a daft git like DD Am quite content being a sorrid septic with a degree of dignity. :D

    So do yourself a favor and fcuk yourself off, you are neither funny or witty JUST fecking dull.

    PS "What's your problem with me mate?" is not slagging no matter how often you ask.
  8. i think it must be love
  9. Pink Lycra at dawn then Ctauch??? :wink:

    Ohhh :lol: Greengrass is right. Tis love my luvverrrrr :wink: :wink:
  10. I do have fun on this site, there are a lot of good people in these pages who i converse with in a dignified matter.

    i now frequent the chat feature more than the threads due to the "feedback" i received.

    A point worth making is, each time i go into chat, i always greet everyone and i play nice!! but then, as sure as night follows day, someone gets personal and something which i can only discribe as gang rap e begins and i get it from all corners!!

    please see mooch 1 0 1 with god as to why i cant change my user name!!

    Thing is though, i do have a great time on this site or why else would i come on here?

    as i stated earlier, there are a lot of nice people on this site, its them that i come to..ahem..enjoy! :D
  11. Seems genuine enough to me. You 2 gonna kiss and make up? :D:lol::D
  12. let me think about it...NO :D
  13. Oh go on ctauch, we can be the ARRSE equivalent of the euro tunnel, bridging the gap between our two great nations. great nation and America! :D
  14. Stop it or you'll get smacked.

  15. Yep - do it. Do it all.

    Funny how someone posts that sort of sh*te PM to someone else and expects it not to appear back on the site. Just goes to prove the point ...