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any thing about dog handlers

iv wanted to work with dogs for a long time iv been a kennel hand and i enjoyed it but wanted more in the way of training the animals. i want to know the daily life of a handler and if a career in the army will fill my needs. iv got my final interview in the comin weeks.
It is very hard to get into RAVC .Know a few lads who tried to transfer a couple of years ago 100 -200 applicants for 20 or 30 places .Know that army is short of dog handlers in iraq and Stan as they are trying to get people to go on FTRS (see current vacancies).
Are you set on joining Army?As far as I can remember lots of jobs went to RAF when melton became Tri service dont know if that is still case . Raf also has same Dog handlers/trainers but dont know much about them someone here will know more..
Could always Join TA and do Basic Protection dog handlers course do an Op tour them u will a maybe have better chance.
I am a TA soldier and have done the Basic Patrol Dog Handler Course and Patrol Assistants Course (baiters course) at Melton and served in Bosnia 6 years ago. It was the best course I have done in my 11 years, and the best 'job' I have ever had. I say 'job' because I couldn't believe I was being paid to work with those amazing animals. I nearly applied / transferred to RAVC at the time, after speaking to the WO2 and OC when they visited us.
Im interested in joining the ta and my current occupation is as a security dog handler. I was unaware that ta soldiers could train as dog handlers, under what circumstances is this possible?

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