Any Telephone Engineers?

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Monty417, Jun 11, 2012.

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  1. I have a situation where no phone, cordless or standard, will give a dial tone, take a call or ring out although the phones were normal earlier today. However, my laptop still works on this same line? and although the phone doesn't ring if a call is made to it, it still goes onto voicemail service? The line has been quite crackly for several days which I had put down to bad weather, but my neighbour with the same land line has not had that same interference problem.

    Being totally uninformed about telephones, I am at a loss to understand how I can get my broadband but no phone. I'm informed that it will be up to 72 hours before further info comes my way, fair enough, but In the meantime I am somewhat confused and would be grateful if anyone in the know can shed light upon it.
  2. Have you got the same company for both conventional phone line and the Internet service?

    Are you in a rural area with overhead lines on telegraph poles?

    Has your conventional phone got a mains power supply?

    Try disconnecting all extention phones as well as your computer connection and just have one telephone instrument plugged into the socket, then see if there is an improvement.

    Have you paid the bill?
  3. If you have a sqaure BT connection box (about 4 inches square) which the phone plugs into, You could try unscrewing the two screws holding the socket on at the front. then plug your phone only into the socket behind that plate, and see if there is any improvement.

  4. Yes to both phone and Internet.
    Yes to overhead lines on poles.
    Cordless phones have mains power supply but obviously the standard phone tried does not.
    Have tried your final suggestion with no result.

    Thank you for your reply.
  5. If you have an old phone with a dial hanging about try that and see if it's reverted to the old fall back network.

    Floods and that may be diddling with things.
  6. ADSL will work on one leg, so to speak, but you won't get voice. I had the same problem which the guy found in about 10 seconds; there was a small junction box before the master box which I hadn't noticed and one wire had corroded. He replaced the connectors with "jellies"; grease filled crimps and all was sorted-in fact I went from 18Mb down to 20.
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  7. Seen this happen before. It's a line fault. Partial short is enough to permanently busy the line but not to a point where it impairs the broadband carrier. A man will appear with a time domain reflectometer, stick it on your line and find out to within inches how far the fault lies from your gaff. Twiddle your thumbs until then. If you live somewhere that's got a lot of flooded joint pits, you could be in for a long wait.
  8. Thanks guys. At least I know now that Internet can be there without phone connection which was puzzling me. If it's my line, I guess I'm unlucky as my immediate 3 neighbours off the same pole have no problems.

    Once again, thanks for the replies, much appreciated.

    Best regards, Monty.
  9. Assuming the BT system has not changed recently, 50 volts AC is used for the bell or sounder ring and Direct Current is used for the voice transmission.
  10. This is a slightly simplified explanation of a possible cause:

    In the exchange your phone line is connected to a frame, ringing tone and voice is pumped in through one side and your internet is then added to this from the other side. The wires then cross over to connect to the bar pair (Connector terminals or soldered joints) that come from your house or business, along copper wires, to green boxes and finally end up in the exchange.

    It might just simply be that one of the wires on the ringing tone/voice side has come unstuck, or more likely been accidently chopped or removed by a poorly paid agency Frames Engineer - Yes; I was one of them! (Easily done - it's a fooking nightmare in exchanges!)*


    Failing that - It could be a software fault.

    What area of the UK you in?
  11. How do i find my main socket as my internet speed is pants
  12. try licking the connections.

    CC_TA's suggestion is valid, but have you a filter on your side of the phone line?

    They plug in to the socket and present one socket for the phone and one for t'interweb. You need one filter for each phone socket you have (ie bedroom and hall). Ensure anything that is hanging off your sockets is removed and try again...

    You need to check EVERYTHING at your end. Because if it is CC_TAs fault, then they pay... if itis a faulty filter box though then you pay.
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  13. Near Lichfield Staffs..just in W. Mids.
  14. You'll never take me alive! (I know it's not my fault - If I fitted the line in the exchange then the internet wouldn't be working either!) :)