Any target shooters here?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by studentfeckwit, Aug 23, 2008.

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  1. Anyone else enjoy making holes in black circles at precisely known distances with custom-built rifles totally unsuited to anything else? :D
  2. YEP..


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  3. Yep..

    Although I am using slightly older technology in the form of an Enfield L39A1; stainless steel doesn't quite do it for me! :D
  4. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    Yes, both old and modern rifles.
  5. If you count small bore then yep. Do some full bore target, but with No4's etc, not target rifles.

  6. what type of shooting do they do down sealand???

    thought it was just shotgun ranges???

    im from connahs quay lol :D
  7. they have spinners ..bells...paper..pollers...40 yards 30 . 10.. and pull ups.. falling plates.. and movers...its to the left of the shotgun range..
  8. Yup. Here's some 50m gun porn :) although I saw a Bleiker in an FR703 stock, that's a £3k+ rifle...)

  9. Ooh dear, not a Gemini stock! I've seen too many shooters with those come off the firing point, immediately start blaming the rifle for a poor shoot and start tinkering.

    I shoot 25yd smallbore to keep my eye in, my main sport's fullbore Target Rifle. (as in the NRA's favourite discipline to the exclusion of all others - can hear ugly hissing from here! :p )

    Currently shoot an old but good .22 Anschütz 54, and used to have the use of an RPA Quadlock in 7.62mm for fullbore. Lovely rifle, that RPA... tho I've wanted to try a .303 Enfield for quite a while now.
  10. 303 Enfield .... ouch ,, my shoulder still hurts.. but everything did as it was spoz too. the thing was donkeys years old,, however still knocks holes in at 100 yards.. only 100????... i cannot see any further :(
  11. Then they're lightweights... "blame the kit", hah!

    IMHO the Gemini is the best on the market, but then I'm biased - the wife and I have been using them for over a decade. Cheekpiece adjustment and buttplate are the best bar none; pistol grip is on a par with anything else out there. The only downside is if you prefer a narrow or rounded fore-end, in which case tough (I find the flat fore-end makes it easier to keep a consistent cant).

    Set them up correctly, and they're fantastic.

    As ever, you'll find a range of opinions on the subject; from the UK, Jon Hammond (Olympian) and Neil Stirton (World No.9) both use MEC stocks, but they're both Aberdonians and hence weird :) [Neil has replaced his Anschutz with Feinwerkbau and now MEC in the last three years; tried the Gemini but prefers a narrow fore-end]. Dave Phelps used a Gemini to win Commonwealth Gold in 2006; there were a couple in use in the final.

    You'll see a Gemini buttplate on the back of most serious rifles at GB level.

    You can get an RPA into a Gemini :)
  12. Yes, though I cheat a little and use a moderated Remy 700, bipod, and scope.
  13. Yes, Garand is my favourite remote hole punch at the moment.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Now now, I do enjoy shooting at targets, without the discipline of constant and consistent practice then you cannot group properly and therefore are wasting your time converting live to empty. However target shooting is a means to an end! The end either being killing your enemy or filling your freezer!
  15. Not in the UK then?