Any TA RMOs out there?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by its_been_emotional, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm currently in an all-medical Unit and am thinking about moving to try and become an RMO for an Infantry Regt (V). Are there any Docs out there who either are one who have been in the past? Would you recommend it? I'm keen on the 'green' side of things and I guess you get a fair bit of that with an Inf Unit. Or do you just tend to get used for medicals and then become the last thought in people's minds when on exercise/operations?

    Having come back from a 6 month tour last year, I'm mainly thinking about moving as our TA unit would never get deployed as a unit due to the vast majority of the CMTs not being paramedics in civvy street and therefore needing a regular CMT with them on Ops. Also, as seems to be the case with most medical units, on deployment the MOs (at least) tend to go as individual replacements.

    I'm keen to train with a bunch of guys week in, week out, and then go on Ops with them.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Id say about 99% of Regular CMTs arent Paramedic trained either! Which going off your thinking here would be the equivilant of 'the blind leading the blind'!
  3. [ the vast majority of the CMTs not being paramedics in civvy street and therefore needing a regular CMT with them on Ops.]

    I'm not a paramedic in civvy street but I am a CMT in a non AMS unit and I was deployed as a CMT to a Gunner Regts' RAP. Best, and worse, 6 mths I've had :)
  4. I get the impression that you want to get away from the medics (CMTs)!! Resign, have a break, rejoin as a grunt and don't tell them about being a medic and they will let you live in the mud!"

    Or, "tell the CMTs what you think of them and they will help you live in the mud!"
  5. I'm not an MO, and my contact with TA Infantry units has been quite limited, but here's what I've observed/heard-

    Rather than deploying the whole unit on Ops, they seem to form composite companies that come under the control of a regular formation. Other than a CMT in some cases, they don't seem to deploy with organic medical assets. They presumably come under the MO cover of the unit they become part of. I'm not aware of an RMO deploying with his own unit. Suspect that the CO would be very reluctant to let that happen as his recruiting and medical exam system suddenly has a big hole in it... Having said that, I know one or two MOs who have gone as IRs, to Medical units!

    PS At least four TA AMS units are deploying squadron/company sized formations over the next twelve months. Presumably you're not in one of those units?
  6. Thanks for all that - especially neuroleptic.

    As I understand it, TA CMTs aren't allowed to deploy without a regular CMT unless they're paramedics themselves - that's a rule come down from on high - I'm not meaning to imply that I think TA CMTs are less able or in any way less of a medic.

    My main aim is to train with a bunch of guys that I then get deployed with.

    I have enquired with our CO about the chance of us deploying as a Unit and bascially it's zilch at the moment.

    Thanks again.
  7. This isn't entirely accurate. Whilst it is true that TA CMTs can't do certain jobs unsupervised on Ops e.g. Blue Light matrix Ambulance, it doesn't mean that they can't deploy. TA CMTs can work in the clinical and support departments of a Field Hospital, some parts of Medical Regiments and base area Medical Centres.

    I think that the idea of training and deploying as a formed body is a laudable idea. Unfortunately, it rarely happens in the TA and especially so in the Medical Services. Even if a full infantry battalion (for instance) were to be called up, a lot of people wouldn't go because of work, education or domestic commitments. Others would fail medically or dentally. IRs would be sucked in from elsewhere and you end up with a unit that only partially resembles the one that turns up for drill nights.

    Have you thought of going regular? It might be more achieveable there, although I'd avoid joining as a health professional which is a first class ticket to IR city. But that's probably not very realistic given your professional background.
  8. My experience of the TA world is limited but I have not seen any formations of TA deploy for a long time.

    Even TA inf are only going to provide Ind Reinforcements and not go as a larger formation unless WW3 happens?

    Stick with the RAMC!

    In arduis fidelis!