any TA options for expats?

Hi I was just wondering if there were any options for expats living over seas who want to join / return to the TA. Obviously its impracticle to fly home for weekends? Does anyone know of any other options that may be available? Say with the embassies or anything?

Thanks guys and best wishes.
I know of TA bods that have joined the Reserve Forces of Canada, Australia and even the National Guard while working abroad.


I hear there have been some new breakthroughs in long distance transportation :D

If you were already in you could have been crossposted to any ABCA(NZ) nation, as per the memorandum of understanding.

I think a lot depends on where you are and your visa type. I know that a work visa is not enough to join the Australian Army Reserve.
What about joining one of the specialists?

I think if you do something like RAMC then you just have to do your annual camp and a couple of weekends training. Should be perfectly possible.

There was a guy on my last course that was doing exactly that from Germany- always worth investigating.

If you're in Germany (or nearby) there's always 412 Amphibious Engineer Troop in Hameln. Good bunch :lol:
I know some RNR types who do it from Sweden, Spain (used to be in the Gibraltar Unit before it was closed in '94), Australia and Bahrain. Generally they'll fly back for 2 weeks ORT and are on a reduced commitment. However, you can still do the full commitment if you do 2 x 2 week course and/or exercise a year - just have to stump up for the air fair!
As pointed out, it depends where you are. I had to travel back to the UK some weekends from Gutersloh to do recruit modules when I first joined.

That was not an awful lot of fun driving back after some weekends :(


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Without revealing too many personal details I think you will have to let us know where you are and what your background is. There are a number of ex-pats in my unit - including yours truly!

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