Any TA EOD out there?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by tribesman, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. Left the Sprs a few months ago. Now I'm bored and missing the life, so I'm considering joining the TA Bomb doctors. Any advice/thoughts? Cheers in advance.
  2. Met one on a course a few months ago. If you want me to put you in touch with him, PM me and let me know.

    They are looking to being reasonably active when the building work for the Olympics gets underway, and all the WW2 German bombs that were concreted over start turning up .....
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. You'll be lucky - that will probably fall under SO13's remit. Unless they can't be arrsed so throw a few titbits out.
  5. A reference to Bomb Doctors normally means Ammo Techs. These no longer do EOD as a role, however they do undertake logistic disposal which on Ops can be between 20 and 50 tonnes.
  6. Hello Dingerr,

    Sorry fella but I don't see where SO13 would come into the construction phase of the Olympic Village, please elaborate on this? the initial site survey will no doubt have a Commercial EOD Company carry out a risk assessment of the entire proposed construction site using Historical Records including local history, national archives evidence, MOD and in particular 33 Engr Regt (EOD) Records they hold for London during WWII, they will also utilize any Police Records for the area... once all information is gathered a detailed 'Study' will be carried out and Full Risk Mitigation Plans put forward, a full magnetometer survey will then be carried out and any possible items of UXO will be investigated/excavated/identified and subsequently dealt with by the emergency services/Military - there will then be former RE BD Engineers on site as advisors and Banksmen throughout the construction.

    I can see the need for SO13 once the excavation has been completed (this is the phase fluffy_bunny is referring to when he mentions the likelihood of uncovering WWII Bombs) and the Olympic Village begins construction and all the way through to the end of the Olympics...

    Just My Opinion of course...

  7. I'm only repeating what I was told, and it's all purely speculation, but .....

    During WW2 the Luftwaffe dropped a lot of bombs onto the docks and East London in general. Some of which didn't go off, and went quite deep.

    After the war, much of the area was bulldozed and low level housing with fairly shallow foundations was put up. Ditto the steel sheds so beloved of retail parks etc. Thus any deep bombs were not discovered.

    Moving on to the building of various large Olympic venues, with deep foundations, it's expected that quite a number of things will start turning up, having been undisturbed these last 65 years.

    Allegedly normal practice for the discovery of such an item is for it to be quietly covered over again until it's miraculous discovery on a Friday lunchtime, just in time for EOD to render it safe over the weekend, so work can start again on Monday.

    This is of course, a disgracefully cynical view of property developers with no foundation in fact. Almost certainly, no foundation in fact.

    Anyway, when there is only the odd bomb, this isn't too much of a problem. The concern is that so much UXO will start turning up, in a short space of time, that it will overstretch the available capabilities. Add to this the pressure of political will to get the Olympics finished on time, and the seemingly bottomless pit of taxpayers' cash they will throw at it to ensure the legacy etc etc etc, that it will be "all hands to the pumps"
  8. Yes, normal practice down through the years... however, several EOD Companies have been formed over the past few years and will no doubt be making their own presentations to the Olympic Committee on the safest approach to the construction, once they have been shown the likelihood there will be Bombs found during excavation and that there is a solution i.e. what I mentioned earlier, then they will no doubt use one of these Companies prior to any excavation being carried out, in the modern day of Health & Safety and people getting sued left right and centre, they will almost definitely (and very sensibly) use an EOD Commercial Company from Day One...

    Just My Humble Opinion of Course 8)
  9. I defer to your better knowledge of the situation. I am actually surprised that the company responsible for construction have been proactive in their risk assessment and have acknowledged the requirement for a survey and clearance which of course requires the resources you have stated.

    I was assuming they would take the normal reactive approach and call the plod (and subsequent EOD assistance) when they found something thus ensuring no cost to them.

    In the reactive response SO13 always get first dibs, they don't conform to the remits of the RLC/RE/RN/RAF.

    Maybe i'm too used to and cynical of these construction companies.
  10. Hey Dingerr,

    It was only my opinion, I have no idea if the construction Company that have won the contract will actually use an EOD Company, but considering the size of the project and the location, like Fluffy_Bunny is saying is in a know and documented area of High Risk to Excavations, what I do know is that during the Thames Valley Show, EOD Companies will have taken the opportunity to present what they are able to provide, I think if the Olympics Committee has been approached and informed of this by an EOD Company then they would surely use this asset, imagine if they didn't after being approached by an EOD Company, and God forbid at a later stage someone is injured or worse?!

    My feelings and experience in this line of work tells me there will be an EOD Company on site prior and during excavation, you are right with SO13 and I am 100% sure they and certain Companies providing a High Risk Search element will be present throughout construction as well as during the Olympics themselves.

    Again these are just my personal thoughts...

    Thanks Dingerr...

  11. I wasn't fishing for a bite or intending to insult. It was just an off the cuff comment. I didn't have the info that you have.

    Any idea who the EOC company might be? there are some pretty poor ones out there - I always seem to tip up on a job when there the poor ones have been involved.
  12. Hi Dingerr,

    Yes I do know, found out today and they haven't decided on a second company yet for anotehr part of the project... PM me...

  13. Tribesman - on your question, check your PMs.