any TA at Fairford this weekend?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MrTracey, Jul 14, 2006.

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  1. Im going with the missus. Probably will be hot, smelly and noisy, but she's good with the kids.

    Any TA going?
  2. I'll take that as a no-no then. Thout there might be some scalies.
  3. Without sounding stoopid... where is Fairford and what is happening?
  4. The RIAT, Royal International Air Tattoo isn't it?

    I went a few years back when it was held at RAF Cottesmore
  5. Usually a TA med unit there as cover ?!
  6. Have to admit im here with some guys doing the comms for the weekend. All good fun and good to finally get some time in where the end result is acctually used instead of usuall weekend exercises.

    Displays are pretty impressive, If you are coming i can reccomend the f16, and the Mig but have also seen an f16 and a mustang in formation as well as the usuall red arrows, spitfire, b52's and the eurofighter among others.

    Oh and we didnt reply earlier Mr Tracy as we were all out working very hard!!
  7. A wah, surely? yes?

    OK. If its not then I'll let you in on the secret.... RIAT is the Royal International Air Tattoo held annually at RAF Fairford (Gloucestershire). The largest airshow in the World....just take a look at the line up ...... and in a few hours time I'll be there (M25 et al permitting) wearing my ARRSE lapel pin of course :D
  8. No Dolly, not a wah I am genuinely stoopid.
  9. Thanks gb4ever. I'll pop in and say hello. leaving now for to join the back of the jam.

    lets hope the other harrier stays in the air.
  10. No more. I think the last one to do it was 2003. Insurance problems I think.
  11. Hot day.

    The MIG, the Arrows and the AAC Helicopters were awesome - never seen a Lynx do so many loops.

    Air Cadets smoking in public and pilots who appear to be 12 years old

    I must be getting old
  12. 36 Sig Regt stood too at the last minute.
  13. Either Lakenheath or Fairford used to be a good crack when I was at 755