Any surgeons/ODPs/theatre nurses in the Southwest?

Wasn't sure if this would be better off in the TA forum or here; Mods feel free to move as appropriate.

Basically, I'm trying to hook myself up with some work experience in an ODP sort of environment with a view to applying to uni September 2010. I've got a point of contact for University Hospital Cardiff, but I'm drawing a blank everywhere else.

So if you work in surgery in south Wales/Bristol area, and can point me at the right person, I'd be much appreciative.

Big problem that you have here is one of the hospitals insurance, another is have you got CRB clearance, the answer to which is no. The fact that you are basically a random person thinking of applying to go to uni to do the ODP course is hugely against you.

Another thing that you should consider is the patients who will be going to theatre on that days right to privicy, although some may think it, surgical procedures are not a spectator sport.

There are hoops to jump through to get serving members of the RAMC who have been selected for ODP training in order to get them on a pre-course theatre attachment.
Appreciated. I'm not trying to short-circuit the channels that exist, I'm trying to find out what they are and who to speak to.
Of course, but I'm just trying to point out that the chances of getting a theatre attachment with just the 'view to applying' is next to zero. Not your fault.

On top of the reasons I've already alluded to you should also bear in mind that everyone wants/needs to get a theatre attachment, such as:

Actual student ODPs, student nurses, Paramedics, ambulance techs, student physios, doctors on surgical attachment, doctors on anaesthetic attachment

then add those that work there:

Surgeon, surgical assistant, Anaesthetist, ODP (x2), Scrub Nurse (x2), HCA (x2) (in brackets is on a good staff day)

Plus any reps that are there trying to flog kit or showing surgeons how to use the new kit.

There are also guidelines on the number of persons that should be in in an operating theatre at anyone time for Health and Safety and cross infection reasons. At my last theatres the department was criticised for having one more person in the theatre than was recommended, that extra person was in fact the health and safety rep who was doing the audit!
It's a fair one, and I'm stood by to be disappointed. But I want to put the ball in their court and see what they can suggest. I'll get onto some of the universities involved and see if they can suggest anything; likewise work (being an NHS lab.) Since Cardiff Uni "strongly recommend" visiting one of their placement theatre units before applying, I'd hope they know something we don't... Fully appreciate the "expectation managment", though :)
Give it a go, worst they can do is say is 'no'!

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