Any surfers on here?



Hoping to learn to surf this summer, live inland a bit so will have to drive.

Was wondering if anyone could tell me, what the feck do surfers do with their keys (esp the electric keys) etc while they're in the water?!! :?
You can buy waterproof boxes (sorry, no links) that will hold some keys, a few ciggies, and some money that you can strap on a limb or around your neck. Better than shoving them in the exhaust pipe or in the wheel arch and coming back to an empty parking space.

Good luck with the surfing - I was shit at it.


Most wetsuits have key pockets under the armpit. Find a sympathetic publican to leave an electric key with, or wrap it first then put it in your wetsuit. I think you can still buy manual keys for cars as well. Oh, and do some pressups first!
Some surfing shorts have waterproof bags for storage , ironically they also say not to be used with electrical items.

Sorry thats all I have
hide em close to the car, if you have no imagination put then under a wing.

if you have a normal key bang it on a string round your neck/in the key pocket

I got a combination lock box (about the size of two fag packets) with a padlock type bit on it...attache under chassis some where... I never used it TBH


ah ok thanks guys, my spare car key is manual so I'm inclined to leave the electric one at home and take the manual one in a pouch into the water maybe. I'll probably still panic about it escaping and floating off though!

can the saltwater make the key rust up?


various beaches along the north coast of NI, just whichever takes my fancy and is quietest of brats from the city...have never seen a lifeguard hut on any of them before, they seem to just cruise about in pickup trucks. except possibly benone where there's a tourist centre thingy but it's probably the one I will be going to least tbh.
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