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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Manxie, May 6, 2005.

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  1. My fella has been posted to Germany. We went out with each other for 6 months but split two years ago when he joined up. We recently started going back out again [2 months] were both alot stronger this time but wondered does anyone have any advice or no of a good site to help. Thanks
  2. A site to help with what?

    If its a trust issue no site can help you with that. If not then you communicate often, whichever way suits you about everything and then no misunderstandings can crop up, start saving for lots of saucy weekends abroad, and the main thing if you really want your relationship to last is stay faithful. Thats both of you keeping your legs crossed!
  3. Don't bother... the lager and the whores are too appealing.

    Or get married and live over there with him.

    Easy choice.
  4. Don't bother... the lager and the whores are too appealing.

    Or get married and live over there with him.

    Easy choice.
  5. Don't listen to the Wombat. I have it on good authority he wears womens underwear.

    Whato toodle pips ta ta.
  6. Only your other halfs! :lol:

  7. I knew you were a fat bastard. my missus is pregnant and is sporting huge knickers at the moment :twisted:
  8. Don't worry love... I will look after your husband. I am a man and I will make sure he never goes without :wink:
  9. To be honest, there is no advice really. My fiance and i have been doing the distance for two years, although he isn't in germany, he's only two hours away. And stay with him every weekend or so, but in the past its been difficult.
    But it doesn't get any easy for me not seeing him often. Distance is hard, but if your strong enough you'll get by.

  10. :lol:
  11. hello,

    I belong to a site called girls with military hubbies/boyfriends and they are all really supportive.

    The address is

    its a private group so you have to apply to join it's only a little form to say why you want to join!

    yumyum x
  12. Explicit and very dirty phone calls did it for us.
  13. Amen. Whoever's been monitoring our phonecalls over at Homeland Security has certainly gotten an earful over the last few months.

    Lack of privacy may make it a little awkward depending on the situation. It's probably hard to say things like "...and now I'm standing over you wearing my lion-tamer's outfit, you dirty b!tch..." in the right tone when there's three other guys standing behind you.
  14. Email, phone, text and since it's Germany - which isn't far - just nip across as often as possible. Where abouts in Germany?

    It's all about communication, as many have already said.

    Otherwise, make sure he brings back lots of German food. :D