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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by johnboy1990, May 15, 2008.

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  1. just the past couple of training sessions iv only been able to do about half a mile before having to stop because my legs are swelling up with lactic acid?
    with a week to go till basic im starting to worry that if this happens in the first week on the fitness test i will un-doubtly be dubbed and told to go back and come again later..
    is there anything that can break down lactic acid for training? and whats it even for?
    any help please as i really am shitting it now
  2. just make sure that you stretch plenty before and after a run. also i just read on a site, that if you get that pain keep going. run through it and it will eventually ease off
  3. How do you know its lactic acid?
  4. you need too take on alot more fluid than you are currently.

    Make sure your getting at least 4 litres of water down you whilst training (Throughout the day)

    And if your having a day off from training - you should still be getting 2.5 litres in you at the least.

    This should help.

  5. i dont know its lactic acid, but its what it feel's like....
    but going to get out tommorow and run through it
  6. Isotonic drink do the trick.

    I had the same problem last year before a Tri-Event.
  7. As I've discovered recently you can lose a litre of water per hour whilst exercising hard. If you start out dehydrated, tired and underfed you will fall flat on your arrse.

    Well I did last Saturday!
  8. Noted. Its only happened the past couple of time's on the treadmill, so I am going to hope on the concrete tommorow see how I do.
  9. PM sent.

    Just so you know, lactic acid build up has very little to do with dehydration.