Any Suggestions??

Hey, i start basic at catterick on sunday, just wondering what people recommend to wear up there? shirt and trousers or casual?

Suit and tie sunshine, suit and tie!
i was 1 of about 2 or 3 that bothered to turn up in a suit and they said well done for making the effort, its noted who actually wants the job and who doesn't the choice is yours, you can guess what i recommend, im on tac ex 1 on tuesday lol look out for P2 thats my platoon:) good luck and have a good time here at catterick:) (may i point out at this time your emergency exits are here and to the rear of the aircraft and your DAOR letter goes here and you may cry in this corner on the right, LOL)....stick with it first 6 weeks are crap remember its crap for everyone and they're doing it too....and dont get in my way in the scoff house we dont want the newbies to be the reason i have to qeue up longer now do we...LOL just kidding i beat you there anyway while you adjust to getting up sometime during the day...

try not to get back squaded any amount of weeks and it only gets guccier and better as you go...and dare i say more "fun"?
I think suited and booted goes down very well! I haven't got to adsc or basic yet but I wore a suit and polished my shoes before I went for my barb and got a nod of approval from my ca. All the other guys had jeans and t-shirts on. Don't know if it matters but makes you more proud aswell I guess
the beauty of wearing your suit and that is you dont have to worry bout it getting there proper. we had lads in trackies and they looked right CNUTS!!

wanna wear trackies go play for shite utd they said and thrashed them!!

and whats with the phase 1 post getting on a terminal?? not in my day sunshine!!

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