Any suggestions for ceremonial uniforms tailors?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Capnslackbladder, Sep 22, 2006.

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  1. Could anybody please recommend a reputable tailor for ceremonial uniforms? I'd heard Golding's was can be a bit patchy on quality and Gieves & Hawkes was very expensive.
    Any advice whatsoever would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Micheal Jay in Suffolk are good and reasonably priced. I take it you only require one? If you are looking for a bulk order, Hobsons of Benfleet.
  3. DON'T use Goldings..... :x
  4. Kashkets in London, just had No1 Dress Jacket in double quick time.

    Quality item, fast efficient staff.
  5. Go cheap on the stuff you won't wear often... you'll be fat or amalgamated long before it wears out! Plus, despite the urge to go up market, you won't give a rats who made it in a couple of years.

    That said, if you plan on looking dapper in hat every day, get a good one. Cheap ones never wear right... and if you're joining an outfit with attitude, you might have to go up-market with the lot anyway to avoid being considered a trog.

    There is an element of you get what you pay for, but there is also an element of you get the tag you pay for. Goldings are alright... don't knock them too hard... at the end of the day, it's your money (kind of).
  6. Disagree about Kaskets - stuff done for myself and others at the factory was awful and cheap. Recommend Myer and Mortimer - not cheap but stuff is very good quality and will last a lifetime (although previous post ref amalgamations etc therefore comes into play)
  7. Goodall's based in Leeds provide excellent service. They used to be in partnership with a rather questionable fellow who then ended up in receivership, but they are still going strong. The owner is always concerned with providing the best quality for his customers and their mail order service is pretty swift and reasonably priced. I think their website comes under mess kit online.
  8. Big cheers to all for wonderful suggestions. Hard finding info when you're a newbie and not full of money
  9. Dege & skinner
  10. An ex-RA officer. I can vouch for the quality; I have had quite a lot (both uniform and civvies) from them over the last 10 years, the items I haven't expanded out of are as good as when they were made.

    However, last year I had a uniform from Michael Jay, and was impressed with the service and quality for the price.
  11. I'm surprised that you appear to be doing this in isolation... if you are at RD then the QM and Adjt will be able to tell you the score, if you are at RMAS then your regimental representative will tell you.
  12. Costello and Sons in Ilfords give good service young chap there is always willing to assist. They turned around mess kit fot me in less than a week.

  13. The Mess Dress in Bournemouth have made my Service dress and Mess kit for me in the last couple of years. Great service and good price.

    They can do fittings at RMAS and in a number of other locations around the Salibury Plain / Aldershot area.

    They even delivered my new service dress round to my house on a Friday afternoon ready for me to attend a parade at RMAS the next day.

    They gave a good deal on new swords going as well and are pretty good at medal mounting.

    They have a pretty good web site and the shop in Bournemouth is worth a visit.
  14. Here, here to both.
  15. Yes, had my kit made (created?) by the impish Geoffrey Golding, he did a deal on a civ suit as i had everything else made by him at the time with the grant on commissioning. Then he billed me and forgot the discount, then he (or one of his foreign staff) amazingly sewed the collar on the wrong way (got another £100 off), then he sent it through the post, less trousers, then the medals fell apart and had to be re mounted....... it goes on.

    2 years later though and with all the faults rectified (it didn't take 2 years, that's just the time lapsed) , and a suit for 500 sheets, i have to say the kit is immaculate and worth the hassle.

    Would probably go somewhere else next time though. I've heard dress2kill are worth a shout. Can anyone verify? Clearly no good for ceremonial stuff though.