Any suggestion on ESS goggles?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by mouthzhang, Feb 26, 2011.

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  1. Just wondering for some suggestions on some ESS goggles

    I need a good pair,can be worn without helmet and I am putting much maxed out with spending money SO, I'am looking for a GOOD pair, but SOMEWHAT cheap?

    And how is ESS profile NVG, does that worth me to buy a helmet to assort it?

    Any suggestions?
  2. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

  3. Don't they get issued now?

  4. If you give us a clue as to what you want them for we might be able to advise.
  5. Usually for skiing, biking and airsoft fighting, but mainly I like ESS brand
  6. So you dont need to spend a fortune on balistic protection, like the ESS give you. I don't think you would get away with just one set for all 3 activities.

    Biking I would prefer a good set of wrap around glasses not goggles, I have a set of Oakleys. These can also be used on the slopes in good weather. Bad weather would require a set of goggles but as you say full lenses to give better visibility. As for airsoft I am not an expert but would full face not be better instead of just eye protection.

    Like I said no expert but 3 very differant activities.
  7. or do you have any recommendation on ESS goggle
  8. I wouldn't bother with shelling out a million billion pounds on top-of-the-range ballistic goggles when the most dangerous thing you'll be using them for is airsoft; like the poster above, I'd say a decent pair of wraparound shades and some ski goggles for when it gets a bit rough out on (or off, for that matter) the piste.

    I'm pretty sure that those would have you covered for the eventuality of high-speed plastic balls trying to take your eyes out. If not, just pick up a pair of US issue dust/wind goggles- they should do the trick.
  9. Yer they are brilliant for what we use them for, but as I said def not what you need for biking skiing and air soft.
  10. Actually I am a military fun and I just want to buy a good ESS goggles can be worn without helmet like a soldier what do you recommend?
  11. Actually I am a military fun and I just want to buy a good ESS goggles can be worn without helmet like a soldier what do you recommend?
  12. If it is the ESS you want go for the glasses no the goggles, they would do for all 3 sports and you would not look a knob biking in them.
    Ice is the one we get issued and are about £40 new.
  13. I donot want glasses
  14. Fine- if you want, spunk your money away on the most expensive pair they sell- they'll serve no useful purpose, but if it massages your ego then go for it.