any success stories on appeals after rejection?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by CombatChica, Oct 10, 2008.

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  1. Hello,
    This may be along one so get a cup of tea before you start reading!

    I started my application to join up last Ocober, I received a rejection letter due to 2 episodes of self harm when I was 12 and 13, both we're overerdoses due to me getting beaten senseless by my mums loser boyfriend, neither time did i want to die, I just wanted him to stop and at that age you dont really know how to deal with these things. Anyway I have written letters to the army medical guy and have had an independant psychiatric review, I tried to get as much info to them as possible to support my case. I have just received a letter back saying that in my case they think it looks absolute, however they dont have all my medical records. They have included a consent form I need to sign to get these released and also a form authorising the occupational medical dept to discuss my med history with me or refer me to a sevice approved medical specialist.
    I am quite hopeful as I know I am fine have been ever since my mum left the guy and also as an adult I know I can deal with anything, many times I have had bad peridods in my life and just got on with it. Things are very different when you are a young child and so I am sure I can get my rejection turned over.
    I just wanted to know If anyway had experinced something similar and has managed to get through and join up? There are so many threads on here from ppl asking if there problems will stop them getting in but I cant really find any of success stories..
    Also If anyone has managed to get through, how did you do it?
    I have been in the ''process'' for a year now and my desire to join is still as as strong.
    Never quit!
  2. Keep trying, but be aware that the form does say:

  3. I have put in a letter for appeal last monday after being deferred back in the summer.

    I'm not sure if it'll be successful or not, so i'm not getting my hopes up.
  4. DaPs... Good Luck, let me know how you get on, and as Brave_Zulu said Keep Trying, I won't be giving up and neither should you!!!
  5. I thought I would post on the bottom here to let ppl know my good news!
    After 15 months of fighting I have finally had my rejection overturned! I am now good to join as head med guy met me and thinks my medical history is so long ago and happened when i was so young its not relevant to who I am now. I will be moving forward with my application, completed everything before this rejection so should be getting dates for selection soon.
    I knew I shouldn't be turned down over what happened when I was so young so I fought and fought and never gave up, here I am now after winning that fight really keen to start my new career so If you're in the same position don't give up, keep trying and you may get there too!

    Ready for anything!
  6. Well done!

    Keep the positive outlook, it does you credit.

    What trade are you going for?
  7. fantastic mate! wen do u start?
    what u going in as
  8. Good effort mate, good look with the application!
  9. Great news!!! and an inspiration to all those in a similar posistion :D
  10. Thanks guys!
    Not sure when I will start just waiting to hear from my careers officer now, he will sort things as quick as he can tho. He was on my side the whole way a really good guy, helped me out no end!
    Well I was going to join the signals as I felt it would give me a good trade for when I left etc but to be honest I would love to join the paras, my only prob is I am a girl so not sure what my chances are, my dad is ex 3para and thinks I am totally capable but he is biased lol Now I have to make my decision, appreciate any advice.
    I never want it to be easy!
  11. paras is for blokes only as far as im aware :(
  12. you could probably train as something else ..and join the airborne community in some way through your role ? though im not entirely sure...i dont think any woman has passed pcoy yet :S
  13. Women can join but no woman has ever passed p coy which makes me want to do it even more!
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Go for RM Police,The Civ Cop's will snap you up if you leave the Army,look at the big picture in 'what'll I do if I leave & get married?'
    That's my advice.
  15. Women cannot join the infantry so that rules out Para Reg I'm afraid. You can however be attached to 16AA through another corps or service.