Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Morning_Parade, Apr 9, 2008.

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  1. Hi, any university students here who are in the TA or any other part time unit?

    Whats it like? Does it intefer with your work, how often do you have to go etc?

  2. ARRSE tends to take up more of my "studying time" than the TA, It's not too bad but you've got to remember the TA isn't based around the academic year unlike the OTC. If you're studying away from home, you may have problems attending training over the summer as well
  3. i had no problems when i was at uni with TA. Its a good idea to keep on top of your uni work to the last minute and then realise your away with TA!

    I was able to go on pretty much every TA weekend when i was at uni.
  4. Same here. I did every weekend I wanted and I filled my summer holidays up with courses, exercises and annual camp.

    Because I was in a small unit in a University town, all the non students were pretty good, and never expected to see any of us on Tuesday nights after the end of term. We didnt even have to turn up for weekends when we were back home.

    Mind you, that was in 1998 and life is a bit more serious in the TA now
  5. I’m a student again and have a sponsor for TA officer training. Would it be worth joining OTC as it all fits my timetable?
  7. And you sound like a chopper.
    Bye then, I do hope you will take your leave of this site too
  8. I liked ta so much I took some time out to hopfully do a tour with my unit and see if I like it enough to go full time etc.
    do it you won't regret it though I may of put more time into ta than uni work..ahem..

  9. Internet hardman. 8)

    Got to luv em.
  10. G_F have you considered a transfer - there are some good units around!

  11. you have answered your own question
  12. I was in the TA throughout my time at Uni, in the early 90's. The unit I was with were really good about it. Once they realised I was committed, they would ask me if I would do Advance Parties for weekends and camp, as well as ask me in during holidays to do day to day tasks around the Unit. And when finals came around, they left me to get on with it.

    The Unit I was with was not in a Uni town, and as I was a local, the lads accepted me for who I was - someone who wanted to do a good job and have a laugh with them.

    I actually got my final results on Camp, but thats a whole different story!

    As I say, this was early 90's and from what I hear times have changed in the TA.
  13. We have students in our unit and they are allowed to train around their studies. If they cannot attend camp then, if eligable, they attend courses in lieu, or help out at Summer Challange doing GDs.

    If it was me though, I'd go OTC.
  14. I am a final year student and joined the Ta this year. They are supportive of my studies and always say my degree must come first, they don't have a problem if I miss tuesday nights provided I keep them updated with regards to my whereabouts. I haven't done many weekends at all but that was down to admin problems and now injury not uni.
  15. I have juggled the TA and University for three years and had no problems so far. If anything it has been my tutors getting the hump about the TA causing me to miss classes etc.

    My unit is supportive and are happy to allow me to do the minimum commitment however I try to manage the weekly drill night and one weekend a month. Come the new academic year I'm looking to work in the TAC during the week enabling me to quit my part time job which is all very nice and means the Inland Revenue don't lay claim to so much.

    I have also had a short spell in the OTC and although it was good in the sense that it was engineered around my studies and ultimately a good laugh I opted to transfer back into the TA.