Any students here?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by PerennialRecruit, Sep 7, 2013.

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  1. First post here guys so sorry if this has been covered over and over.

    My experience of recruitment has been absolutely shocking. I first went to a recruiting event in September '12 basically saying I didnt want to wait around, I wanted to get in as soon as. They said being a student wasn't an issue and they'd be in touch to have me down my local centre (a logistics regt) to start the process in a fortnight. I didn't hear back for a few weeks, called them up and kept getting told I'd get a call back which I never got, but eventually they did get in touch. Went over the basics, interview 1 etc and was told I'd do some pre-selection fitness tests and be on my way to selection. It took them 2 months to remember to arrange this despite my phone calls and frequent visits (they didn't turn up to the first arranged date). They then said I'd be doing a selection in feb, they didnt arrange and i couldnt get hold of them, they then said they'd booked in for March and again it didnt happen. I finally did it in April and passed. I then didnt hear off this centre again for ages, so went down to another one (Engineers) who were much more helpful but its taken 6 months for Lichfield to arrange my TST (wish I was joking) , and now I'm not sure I have the time to do my training around term, anyone else managed to do it in their second year? (Wanted to do it either in my doss year or all my free time with long term breaks which I now dont have for one or two reasons)

    So if anyones managed to complete training in their second year please let me know how to juggle it!
  2. Maybe ask about Spring or Summer Challenge, which gets you from recruit to trained in a few weeks. You are generally taught by the Regs on these courses and so are generally better taught IMO.
  3. haha depends what uni you're at

    but i dont want to be waiting around another 9 months to a year. I wanted to join the Regs after Uni and was bang up for this is the meantime, but the length of time this has taken despite my pestering to hurry the process along has been disheartening to say the least. I thought once i did selection and passed comfortably that would be that but that was 6 months ago now...
  4. If I were you I'd take Oooh Matron's advice.

    His next post may not be so helpful ;-)

    (When you're young, a year seems like a long time. Believe me, it's not.)
  5. Are you a university student or a college student? If university it may be worth looking at your closest UOTC and seeing if they are any good for you.
  6. Thats what i originally wanted to do this summer when i started the process 12 months ago. By next summer willI not have to do selection again? After this year's debacle I'm loathe to start over. And by this time next year I was planning to have started my Regs application! I was over the moon when I found out the TA could be flexible around my studies, but my enthusiasm has been ground into the dirt a bit, I just dont want to drop the idea now I've invested so much time into chasing it up
  7. Uni and the officer at my selection did mention this, but partly because Im so far into my TA application and partly because I preferred what the TA were offering in principle I didnt really pursue the UOTC like maybe I should have
  8. What university? [If you don't mind me asking]

    Essentially UOTC's tend to be more flexible with regards to training around study time [eg no training during exam periods]

    If you've finished selection for TA then you may be able to just transfer straight into the UOTC.

    Regular are you looking at Officer or Soldier?
  9. Or if you havent got through Selection you could potentially "use" the UOTC to get you into the TA System [a medical, a Selection weekend and form filling etc....] then once you are in [Normally be end of October] transfer to a TA unit.
  10. UOTC is only if you want to be an officer. If you want to be a soldier, or if u'd rather get £1400 bounty after 3 years instead of £185 then join the TA. TA is much more flexible around your studies (dispite what they say) and if you do join engineers that will look much better on ur CV than running round stabbing things and shouting bang. It's a pain they are currently taking an age to get you through the process, but like anything else in this worlf, if it's worth doing, its not easy to do.
  11. Without wanting incriminate anyone involved, it Swansea :lol:

    I might look into that then if I'm able just to transfer straight across. But I was looking forward to the TA, does it work out better financially? I was looking forward to doing courses/roles that I wouldnt get to do as an officer hah

    Officer is the plan, the recruiter at my current prospective regt has been very helpful and has suggested I get a TA commission at some point
  12. i do want to be an officer but i did like the idea of having the TA engineers on the CV as you say

    Its a pain as Ive seen people start it later and finish it sooner (even in the same regt, they just forgot about me haha i thought i was a prime candidate as well!)
  13. If you are looking at Officer [Reg or TA] then I'd go for UOTC as that is what it is designed for.

    Financially - TA has a better bounty [like a yearly bonus], but UOTC tends to have more days pay to throw at people for doing various things

    Around Studies - I've seen it vary on TA unit whereas UOTC's in general are more understanding about 'I cant do that weekend as I've an essay in Monday'

    AOSB - UOTC will give you support and you can talk to more people who have gone through the Officer application systems as well as the TA Commissioning Course [and more than likely some alumni who have done/are doing Regular Sandhurst]

    There is always the TASO route - join UOTC, go through Selection with them, then also train with a TA unit. Once UOTC has got you through the TACC process you join the TA unit as a 2Lt [this system again varys widely and depends upon the TA unit in question]

    Courses wise - you can apply for all sorts depending upon the UOTC's policy for it. Most courses are open to everyone or have rank requirements [eg Substantive LCpl ]
  14. Cheers for all the advice guys, it is much appreciated! My only concern is that having already switched regiments post-selection to then drop the TA and go to the UOTC, would that not make me seem a bit wishy-washy? And also I wont lie I had become quite excited at the thought of getting stuck in in the TA and doing exercises or training over in Cyprus or all the other things the TA do that I might miss out on if I dont go through with it
  15. Switching Regiments - if it's to get through the Selection process I would think it understandable, especially with the backlog/general issues with the switch to Capita in the recruiting process

    OTX's - These are on the increase but in terms of Cyprus specifically there is set to be an OTC-wide training exercise/Module 3 battle camp in Cyprus every Easter. It has been run the past 2 years with over 100 Officer Cadets attending it from all over the UK as well as other TA Potential Officers.

    My advice would be that with your Officer aspirations and being at University to go see Wales UOTC in September when they are recruiting and explain your position [you will probably have an interview]. Experience the UOTC and if you decide that you are better suited to the TA then you can always transfer to a TA unit.