Any South Africans Present?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by bobzzz, May 4, 2008.

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  1. Hi,im new to the forum.would just like to know if there are any south africans busy joining the army and would just like to know from people back home what its like in the army.
    thank you in advance.
  2. actually its good that theres someone here who's SA (im not), when i did my AOSB briefing a south african chap was there, but i was unaware that SA's could join british army. do you know why this is?
  3. Welcome Bobzzz, I'm from SA. I left the regulars in 1994 but still serving in the TA, happy to answer any questions etc.
  4. When I did RCB in the 80's it wasn't possible but now that SA is a member of the Commonwealth it is fairly simple.
  5. oh ok, thanks, so in other word your lads are treated as if they where from any other commonwealth nation.

    (to be honest i had no idea SA was part of the common wealth, but lets keep that quiet shall we)
  6. mmm fusil any reason why we would want to keep it quiet?? :)
  7. I believe ash_p came here from south africa after he murdered a village of black people.

  8. thanks for all the replies.south africans can join the british army because we are part of the commonwealth.that youtube video was a cliche but funny.breyten breytenbach`s brother was the guy who started the south african army`s SF.quite funny how one fought for the the useless national party and the other one againt them.
  9. Just one village, No wonder he joined up over here. He wouldn't get into the SADF with such a p*ss poor track record
  10. fusil89. thats true there are people from 40 countries currently serving in the btitish army
  11. im quite aware that you aked for other SA's but while i have you here, the issues regarding zimbabwe, mugabe etc...

    could you please tell me your pretty sure your probably more informed than i am on the subject since its closer to home to you. (send it in a PM if you wish, or if you dont want to tell me then fine)
  12. onwell.the reason why mbeki doesnt do anything to bob is because in the apartheid years bob funded alot of the anc (education,accomodation weapons etc etc)to fight the white goverment of those now years later its mbeki`s turn to repay the a nutshell mbeki isnt going to bite the hand that fed him when they were in the struggle.there is also some other countries involved like namibia,north korea ,vietnam,and maybe a few others
  13. Check your PM's any other questions, ask away I will try to answer them
  14. Could a Englishman join the SADF?